REVIEW: Wet N Wild Hannah Pinktana Nail Polish

Don't judge but I love Hannah Montana. I guess every girl my generation is a Disney girl one way or another, and Hannah Montana is a series that truly caught my attention while growing up. It was funny and it had catchy songs. I also love the blonde wig (and Lily's wigs) to boot. Then add the fact that I'm very close to my little sister, and we both love singing and playing pretend, you should be surprised I'm not worshipping the show!

So imagine my delight when I found out there's a polish named Hannah Pinktana! It's by Wet n Wild. :) I was introduced to Wet n Wild polishes by The Sneakerette. She got me Sagreena the Teeneage Witch. Funny names right?! :D Check it out here.

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday, I received my very own Hannah Pinktana! I was having a rough day so before sleeping, I removed my super lovely Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell polish and replaced it with a pink one. Let's take one last look on my holo nails.

Then let's welcome my new Platinum Pink nails. Unfortunately, Hannah Pinktana is sheer so I layered some of my current favorite silver glitter polish on it (photo below shows one layer of HP as base, then the silver),

then layered more pink and so on and so forth and voila. A nice mix of pink and silver--a platinum pink! It's so easy because Hannah Pinktana dries so fast. It wasn't messy to layer with--which I really liked. I'm a very clumsy girl so anything that can help me not make a mess is welcome to my life!

As you can see, the color's not that true to the bottle but I do like its glitter effect, especially when layered thrice. It's very easy to layer with also because of it's applicator. The brush is a breeze to work with. It didn't leave streaks--formula wasn't a "streaker" too.

Now some outdoor shots (taken just this morning before I headed off to work).

My Verdict

Thank you so much Eileen.

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  1. WOW your nails look great! i love that you layered the silver on top... its glittery awesome sauce!!! you should layer a similar color underneath hannah pinktana if you want to wear it alone (:

  2. Hey, it's okay to love Hannah Montana. I am in love with The Vampire Diaries.

  3. Your nails are SO shiny. I love it. Bye bye holo nails :) I love the funny nails of the WnW polishes! :)

  4. Glamorous looking nails Kumi! I also love big glitter chunks on my nails.. ;)

  5. aw so cute, I mean your nail ! ^^ I'm not into Hannah XD


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