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Getting Through Valentine’s Day in a long distance relationship

If you’re in a long distance relationship and are unable to see your special somebody on Valentine’s Day, it can be hard. It can make you question the strength of your relationship and wonder whether it’s all worthwhile. Whether your lover works away, you met them online or on holiday or for whatever reason, Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday you want to enjoy together but sometimes it’s just not possible.
So although you can’t spend a romantic evening on your reclining loveseat with your significant other, this doesn’t mean you can't enjoy their company and celebrate exactly why you fell in love with them in the first place. There are plenty of creative and unique ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day or any romantic date such as your anniversary with your long distance lover.

Gift Ideas
A considerate and spontaneous gift is a great way of letting your lover know you’re thinking of them. From a cheap and cheeky eCard (Try from this website where I got an E-card from. If your loved one loves The Little Prince, she'd love this.- K) to something much more extravagant, your lover will appreciate the sentiment and know you’re thinking of them. If you’re feeling creative, you could make them a special mix-CD of your favourite songs or an album of photos of your favourite times together, you wearing their favourite outfits or whatever else takes your fancy. You could write them a romantic love letter which is so much more sentimental than a card and this way they’ll know exactly how you feel about them. Any of these ideas will help your lover feel like you’re there in person even though you can’t be.

(Send her flowers. Look at what I received today. -K)

Keep Talking

To keep your long distance relationship alive the best tool you have is conversation. Rather than relying on emails or text messages, have real life conversations to maintain the feeling of a fulfilling relationship. When it comes to special days like Valentine’s or your anniversary, a thoughtful and meaningful conversation can really make the difference. If you or your lover is feeling down about not being together on the special day, a few choice words can really make the situation seem much better. If phone calls are too expensive, messenger programs such as Skype and GoogleTalk are designed to ensure you can keep in contact at all times. Even better, programs like these mean you can make video calls and it’ll feel like a proper face to face conversation, which is just what you need when you’re feeling down. A quirky and creative idea for Valentine’s Day is to arrange a Skype Date. Create a romantic and inviting dinner table, set up your laptop and have a date to remember with your lover broadcast in from many miles away. This creative and fun idea will be something you never forget and cement your relationship further.

Go on Dates

This may sound like a silly idea but why not consider going on a date on your own, but with your date in spirit. With the distance between you it can be difficult to go on regular or even special dates physically, so consider doing the same things at the same time in your respective locations. The easiest and most fun way of enjoying this idea is to go and see a movie. You can both choose to see the same film at the same time in your individual locations and when you get home you can have a good thorough chat about the movie you enjoyed together despite not being in the same town. Sadly you won’t have anyone to share you popcorn with but you’ll have a shared experience to remember and add to the history of your relationship. It’s important to make time for your relationship even if it is long distance, and chatting online until 4am every morning isn’t going to satisfy you forever.

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Feeling Flash

Perhaps you’ve had a windfall or are just feeling spontaneous. If so, surprise your lover in person. Even if you can only manage one night or one hour, the effort involved will truly show your lover how much they mean to you and hopefully, the feeling will be reciprocated. Of course this isn’t for every year but perhaps it’s the kind of gesture which will take your relationship to the next level. 

Enjoying Valentine’s Day can be hard if you’re in a long distance relationship but there are ways and means round the problem and you can make it as memorable as you want with just a little effort. 

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  1. The tips here are great! I'm in a long distance relationship myself. The boyf and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but he used to always do little random surprises for me when we lived together. Awww...

    Happy V-Day to you! <3

  2. you're one of the toughest and sweetest girl that i've ever known! Happy Hearts Day to you sis!! mmuaahhhh

  3. I hope you were able to spend time with friends instead. Interesting post.


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