FOOD: Chicken Takeout Treat!

I am a person who doesn't like proclaiming favorites... but oh my, there's no denying.. I love chicken!

I love fried chicken!

So no one should be surprised that I also love Max's. Hello? Have you tried Max's Fried chicken? They're super good. I love them with banana catsup and worcestershire (saywhutt) sauce. I love how soft the meat is yet the skin is crispy. Oh yes, chicken skin. You can't eat Max's fried chicken and then think I'm going to diet, no to chicken skin! That's just wrong! Let's not insult the chickens who died to fulfill our palates!

So I'm happy I was gifted by Max's some GCs last Christmas. I am a very easy to please person. Damn, free chicken is definitely included among my list of "things that make me happy".

I shared the blessing at the office. Nothing keeps bonds strong than good food, yes?

So anyway, I'm talking a whole lot about fried chicken because I just rememberes I haven't shared with you the great news I received I think a week ago! Here.
The brand that has captured the hearts of Filipinos for more than sixty years has rolled out the biggest chicken take-out treat ever.!
The promo is available at all Max's Restaurants nationwide, from Feb. 20 to Mar. 31! So uhm, I know a lot of you are doing the fish thing this lent, but seriously, this is a treat I will not let pass!

Nom Nom Nom


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  1. FINALLY!!! a food post! I usually don't comment on your posts because I don't really use makeup. haha. I read naman your posts. :)

    I hope they'll bring back the chicken all you can, haven't tried it pa eh.

  2. i love fried chicken tooooo! we have max's over here, i've actually never tried the chicken though! will definitely be trying that fave of yours :D

  3. You just made me so hungry, Kumi. ~.~

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