REVIEW: Human Heart Nature Mineral Eyeshadow in Sweet Innocence and Enchanted evening

Please welcome my swatch of the day: Human Heart Nature Enchanted Evening and Sweet Innocence Velvet Mineral Eyeshadow Palette.

From L-R, first three shades (purples) are from the Human Heart Nature Enchanted Evening palette while (the nudes) are from Human Heart Nature Sweet Innocence. Basically, each palette is designed for day and nigh-wear. But if you ask me, both can go from am to pm. As you can see, both palettes are warm and great for Filipina tones (morenas, olives and honey skin tones). Sweet Innocence would be perfect for fair skinned ladies but I would recommend caution when using Enchanted Evening if you're a mestiza.

Human Heart Nature Sweet Innocence

The shadows are a bit difficult to work with. Based on experience it chooses certain tools (brushes). You might want to use your fingers as it works well through finger application but if you ask me, it's always a better choice to blend using brushes so perhaps stick to those tools that are compatible to mineral make-up application. It comes in a very pretty packaging though, so to me the drawbacks are a bit compensated--especially with it's Beauty for a Cause factor. You should know that since these shadows use Passionfruit Seed Oil in their formulation, each palette supports a livelihood of farming communities in Davao!

Human Heart Nature Enchanted Evening

Besides being mineral make-up, Enchanted Evening and Sweet Innocence are 100% free from harmful chemicals. Unlike other mineral make-ups out there (that still carry certain toxic chemicals), these babies are completely safe. It doesn't have mineral oil, among many. For your information, mineral oil is commonly used as a binding ingredient for compact make-up and it may be a reason why your eyeshadow is silky... but it may also be the reason why you experience eye irritations and even breakouts.

If you're into dramatic colors/looks, you might not like these sets though, no mater how much "goodness" they have as it takes generous building up to achieve fabulous pigmentation with this shadows. Personally however, I like giving my skin a breather every now and then so whenever I can, I take chemical-free days for my face too (since my hair and body is almost 90% chemical free in terms of personal care products used on a daily basis).

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  1. Hmmm...I will pass. I don't like when shadows are hard to work with. The colors are also just so-so.


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