HAUL: Nail Polish for my friend from the past

UPDATED: I updated this post with better photos for some of the blurry ones I used earlier. Enjoy!
RE-Updated: Had to go Pro with my photohosting service. Sorry to those who saw this blog during its photo-error hours! I worked my fastest to fix things! Sorry and thank you for always visiting.

My friend Eileen loves nail polish and she has been nothing but sweet so everytime I see polish I think of her (and I end up buying)!

So here's a sneak on what I have for her because I want to tease her and show her what I can't send yet (cause I've no funds for shipping--she's from CA LOL). I hope she likes the selection I prepared. It's like an East meets West thing. I got her these Asian polishes because these are not available in California yet (?)--no Skin Food because she said it just opened there.

I made her "window shop" but as expected a lot of the items posted online are sold out so I just chose what (1) I think she would like and (2) I think would look great on her already fabulous nails.

(I'm posting this because I would like to have seasonal haul posts cause I realize I enjoy reading haul posts and maybe if I do the same, I can pass on the joy.)

First I got her one of my favorite polishes. It's a favorite because it's the perfect kind of purple. I love how it complements my skin tone and I also love how pastel it is. It's from Etude House VIP Girl line, BL505. I think this is from Etude House's "mid-level" collection. The rest of the polishes I got from Etude House are from their more premium line cause I don't think Eileen needs basic colors anymore--especially since she has hundreds of nail polishes!

Also from Etude House, I got her this sparkling blue polish, BL019.

I was supposed to get Eileen a Blue Bling Bling but oh dear it is sold out so I just got her the closest thing. I am thinking of giving her my own Bling Bling. If she's fine with my used polish, it's flying to CA with the rest of the gang. :)

Also from Etude House, I got her some Lucid Darling polishes. I got her Lucid Darling 03 because I love it's unique sea blue green color;

 while I got her Lucid Darling 02 because it's a lovely Barbie Pink color and Eileen loves pink. :)

Both are very sparkly.

Last from Etude House, I got her glitter bombs! Also from the Lucid Darling collection, I got her 07...

and 05. I like 05 more because it's so.. it's so uniquely festive to my eyes. :)

I mean, damn it's so beautiful.

The huge bulk of the stash I got her are from Etude House because I love their line, their bottle design and their nail polish consistency the most. I think among all the Korean nail polish brands we have in the Philippines, Etude House houses the more interesting ones.  I really love their bottle design compared to the rest, that's for sure.

But since another blogger I'm beauty swapping with requested Nature Republic, I stopped by the store and got some polishes for Eileen there too. These are very basic metallic colors but I love how bold the hues are and they're right on to how I want my forest green (GR601) and how I want my navy blue (BL502).

Of course, I can't leave the store without getting anything that sparkles! :) SGR601, technically, I got this polish with my preference in mind LOL But in comparison to the other available colors, I also figured Eileen would like green more.

Then as requested by Sneakerette herself, I purposively went to Tony Moly to get her polish. But I didn't find any interesting colors from the available selection and I didn't think Eileen would like white, yellow or black ones so I got her these. Maybe she can compare these to the Lucid Darlings I got from Etude House. This is GS01.

This is GS03.

Please don't expect a review of these polishes from me. I won't be using them hahaha I just got them for my friend. :) Beauty swapping is crazy addictive; and if you're the type who loves making other people happy, you're bound to get hooked. :) Sorry if some photos were blurry, my camera (with super makro) kept on dying on me until it had no power so these are the pictures I got to save.

Have you tried any of these polishes? What do you think of my choices... is it lovable? :) 

Do you beauty swap too? :)

PS. I call her my friend from the past cause I'm ahead timezone-wise.

P.P.S. I also got her my favorite top coat, also from Etude House haha :)

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  1. Pretty polishes! I'm kinda addicted with nail polish right now! I actually have two nail reviews on the works and I haven't even used yet some of the new ones I bought. I needed to give my nails a rest hahaha! The ones you posted are lovely. I'm sure your friend would love them!


  2. So curious about how this beauty swap works! :) Also: I really love Nature Republic's nail polish. Most of them last longer on my nails compared to Etude House's

  3. I wanna do a swap! Haha. I remember reading about these a long time ago and reading your post on it just makes me think about doing one again. But right now I have to save up for other things >.>

    Btw, I just did a rant about Fake MAC makeup on my blog and I hope you can drop by to give your opinion. :)

  4. those are lovely! I haven't tried etude's polishes but I would love to try it. :) I love the bling bling because I lurve blue polishes :) too bad there won't be any reviews since these loot is for your friend :) Hugs♥


  5. AHH these look so pretty! i couldn't even see all of them because i think your photobucket bandwidth exceeded lol. im really picky about pinks, but the one you picked out for me is dead on! thanks so much kumi :D

    1. oh snap! omg i cant believe i just went pro today. so much for free hosting! i knew this was coming. 10gb was just not enough for me anymore... :( on the happier note, my posts are "becoming popular"! LOLyayyyy happy! i hoep u like the glitterrrs :D

  6. I never tried beauty swaps pa.. but i would love to! i think that's fun!

  7. I agree! Etude has the most interesting array of nail polishes. And they're pretty affordable, too! :)

  8. Nice choices! EH has really nice shades of nail polish :))) I've yet to try Nature Republic nail polishes :D

  9. I am very pleased to see this article. These Nail Polishes are sooooo beautiful. I like the pink one best. Appreciate your sharing.


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