REVIEW: Fashion 21 Aqualicious Lipstick in Little Mermaid, Moon River and Southern Red

Everytime I'm left to my own devices in a mall, I end up entering department stores' make-up sections. How I wish the nearest mall is SM so at least I get to enjoy Watsons shelves; however the nearest mall from our house and office is Robinsons so I settle. The RDS near us doesn't have a lot of choices and I'm a hundred percent sure I've been through everything (and that the sales associates already know me) but for some weird reason I always end up with a "new find".

Recently, while I was searching for a "friendship lipstick" for my Singapore swapmate, I found these Aqualicious lipsticks by Fashion 21. I really liked them so I ended up with three tubes--one of which is half of a pair since my swapmate and I agreed we should have a matching lip shade! :)

Fashion 21 is a veteran brand to my make-up vocabulary. I can remember perfectly how I first knew about the brand through Candy magazines and through their Cinderella branches. When I was in highschool (with a wallet that considers Maybelline make-up as expensive), I always end up checking out Fashion 21 products. I am so happy that one of my favorite roll-on glitter shadows are still on shelf! I am thinking of getting some but I figured, I have outgrown them (roll-on eyeshadows = precision? what precision?).

I felt so young checking out Fashion 21 racks once more. They have so many new products to choose from! Not only have their collections grew wide, they seem to also cater to even mature customers! Before all they have were basically what tween need; but I guess since they know their customers are having more sophisticated tastes in cosmetics, they adapted to that.
Lot and expiry stamps are clearly shown but I can imagine it fading away.
Aqualicious, I believe, is for the teens. It's not a tweeny range but I don't think it's also for the career woman. They have this other range for the "career woman" but I really had to hold on to my money and opted to just get those at a later time. Don't worry, would still review them for you as I like the packaging and would feel bad if I don't share them on this blog.

Anyway, Aqualicious packaging reminds me of old school lipstick packaging. The case locks perfectly and although it is plastic, it has a catchy tip.

As I've mentioned earlier, I got three shades. I got Little Mermaid, Moon River and Southern Red. I got those shades as it represents primarily the three major colors I love for lipsticks: warm pink, coral and red. I find that warm colors work best with my skintone.

I really like the pigmentation these tubes deliver. I was surprised as well because they don't feel waxy at all. All in all, these lipsticks are quite fun to work with. As you can see in my swatch above, it give intense color with just one swipe (yes, that's just one swipe). Also, Aqualicious is a moisture-rich lipstick. Below are swatches that can easily illustrate what I mean by them being moisturizing.

While some people buy because of packaging, a huge bulk of my cosmetic purchases are influenced because of product naming. I also got the tubes I chose because of their names.

This is Little Mermaid. Who can say no to a Disney name, right?

This is Moon River. I got it because it reminded me of the song Moon River.

Lastly, here's Southern Red. I don't know how saying it's southern contributed to describing how red the lipstick is but as much as the lipstick is a nice red shade, I think it can get redder.

What do you think of the shades?

All this smiling made me want to look back... 
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  1. Wow, great post!!


  2. looove the Little Mermaid and Southern Red, how much is it?

  3. They look amazing!
    I love the names, too

  4. I wanna try Little Mermaid! And so cheap, too - love it already :)

  5. These are all really pretty but Moon River looks beautiful on you!

  6. I love Little mermaid, so pretty ^^

  7. Moon River looks so lovely on your lips~! Winner ito. <3 And soooo affordable. Parang yung Shawill din. :3 I should take a look at Fashion 21 lippies too when I want to try new shades. At least they won't make bankrupt while helping me become more blooming~!


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