REVIEW: Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara

Growing in a fairy-tale-friendly environment makes it oh-so-natural for me to  be completely enamored by royalty. Kings, queens, princesses and princes are but fair game for me. They are beautiful and of course, with their blue blood, majestic; so I got really excited to hear of Lash King's arrival in the Philippines. If you have not heard of yet, yes, our tropical paradise has been graced and is now under the spell of Majolica Majorca's Lash King.

"For the longest ever, unrivaled lashes! A lengthening mascara base and super long fibers lashes towards the peak of the lash world. One coat brings on volume and fullness. Waterproof type to secure the throne."

Lash King Secret Joker

This chapter is a romantic fusion of power, passion and exclusivity. With two limited edition products: Blood  On Lip and Cheek Tint and Majoromantica Pearl Glitter Fragrance, Lash King can't be with any better company.

For this post, let me share with you my thoughts on Lash King. I'm a huge eyelash person and I can't keep mum about this any longer. Frankly, I'm a huge Maybelline mascara girl and you should not be surprised to hear me rave and rave about their Volum' Express Cat's Eye Mascara but ever since I got to try Lash King, I feel like my life has been changed. 

Because mascaras have very limited shelf life, I always try my best to not have two opened tubes at the same time. As I was still with a good tube of Cat's Eye, I went out of my way to test Lash King. Glad to say, it's worth it. In a way, the king set me free. I can now live free from the chains that I thought would bind me eternally with Maybelline's undoubtfully great mascara (Cat's Eye). Because of Lash King, I am now a changed shipper. Majolica Majorca Lash King has everything I want in a mascara--and probably everything you would want to. It's funny to remember, but I was completely floored by how Lash King delivered. It lengthened my lashes dramatically. I can't go back to anything less.

I thought it was just a marketing ploy but based on how it delivered dramatic results, it really isn't. Lash King is the king of all lashes. It can offer dramatic length (reason comes next), sultry volume, long-lasting curl and precise application. If you want doll-like lashes sans falsies, the Lash King's court should be your destination. 

Here are photos of Lash King in action. One eye obviously is bare while the other is under Lash King's spell.

Oh, let me just share another thing. Don't you just hate how mascara advertisements are so deceiving? Don't you just hate how mascara ads claim volume or length or curl with a model that we all know is wearing maybe two or three layers of false lashes? Well, it's different with Lash King. I don't know the technicalities of their ad (photo below) but based on how I experienced Lash King, the results are very honest-to-goodness extremely close to their campaign ads. So I'm happy. I like brands that value the trust I give them. I don't like being disappointed by a product.

This is the Lash King's Acrobat Catch Brush. It helps separate your lashes to avoid a clumpy look. It also effectively coats every single lash with... 5mm lash fiber. Yes, because of the Lash King's 5mm lash fibers, your natural lashes can really go the mile. For your comparison, (especially if you're Asian, listen up) a natural lash hair is approximately 5mm long too. If we do the math, Lash King can literally double the length of your fluttering lashes allowing it to catch every subject's attention. Don't worry, the lash fibers won't poke your eyes unlike other lash-fiber based mascaras! No pain BUT yes to glory!

Now don't worry if my news got you all teared-up with joy. Lash King is water-proof. It doesn't smudge at all. Based on how I used it, one layer is good but if you want to build up the volume, you can build up up to three layers of the product. Personally though, two coats are enough.

Now to let the Lash King take a bow.

What do you think? Have you tried or would you try the Lash King?

The great thing about life is the fact that it is yours to choose. 

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  1. Now that you've mentioned it's waterproof, I'm completely sold! I can't wear mascara if it's not waterproof kasi. ;)

    There's a remarkable difference between your left and right lashes. I'm stunned! ;)

  2. Oh my, I'm definitely buying this one. Thanks Kumi! :)

  3. Wow that's a very helpful review! This mascara is gorgeous on your lashes. And I love this theme of royalty and nobility ^^

  4. your lashes look fantastic kumi! this one looks like a winner (:

  5. The packaging is reaaaallly cute!!! Thanks for the review, I want this! *W*

  6. Fantastic review. I'm interesting in trying lash king too. I like its packaging as well.

  7. i need this! shall grab one the next time i go to SM. :) thanks for the review!

  8. Oh wow! :) I really appreciate the before and after photos. It'll be on my to buy list.

    Best Regards!
    Des of


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