FEATURE: Nature Republic Nail Polish

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So anyway, the February fever's making you wear a lot of red lipsticks, huh? It's the case with me!

Back in the days, women strictly followed wearing the same red color on their nails to match their lipsticks (hence nail red nail polish became so huge); however as times change, so does trends. Although you can still wear a bold red on your tips to pair with your kissable lips, remember that you can also tone things down by wearing a muted color for your tips and toes. 

Try these fabulous nude polishes from Nature Republic. I chose these three for their different finishes. These shades would look stunning with your perfect smile--not to mention these colors also make for great holding hands while walking moments. Stay happy in love!

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  1. i like how all of these are practically the same color in different finishes! you could totally do ombre nails with these :D the shimmer in the second one is super pretty :D

  2. I'm not a fan of nude polishes. I keep feeling like it washes me out. But these are pretty!

  3. I love nude polishes whenever I have them on, I feel like my fingers are so neat and feeling pang mowdel ang kamay hahaha :)


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