FEATURE: Bare Escentuals Force of Beauty inspired Wishlist--Items are on Sale! Upto 82% savings!

Because I like chasing beautiful things, you can't blame me for loving this campaign (2011).

I don't think I'm growing tired watching the Force of Beauty videos on YouTube! Here's what Bare Escentuals' Force of Beauty campaign was all about:...

So don't blame me for checking out their products soon after! Pleased to share their brushes are on sale on amazon! Sad because even if I get them on sale, shipping to here would still kill me. Funny because I have loads of Bare Escentuals buxom glossies and colors that I apparently bought online... all the while I've been keeping a mental note that the make-ups were available at Beauty Bar! Are they not?

Here are the items on sale that got me saying this: Ugljfakhawo;fnvvkjsfhlguwi;qrpjfwantwant

Savings up to 82%! eep! (Sale is ongoing as of  020512)

So did I leave you tempted to shop... or you already shopping? :p

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  1. Wow that's great :) Thanks for sharing!


  2. I've been hearing about this brand but not sure if they are indeed available at Beauty Bar. I'm looking for makeup brushes but I think I'm gonna save up for real techniques. They're available na in Boots UK so I'll probably ask my boyfriend to buy for me and ship them over. Hahaha :D

    - Mich


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