FEATURE: Muji Mall of Asia

Would you judge me if I say shopping at Muji is orgasmic?

Ninja photos of Muji MOA. I swear to God, I can forget my name inside that store! Before you go any further, visit Muji online, turn off any music playing in the background and just enjoy the Muji experience (a Japanese song would play upon entering the site)

So orgasmic. 

Besides organization, Muji offers office supplies, skin care, cosmetics, apparel, kitchenware and even food!

 I already placed a reservation for this baby. It's Php1,250. That's roughly $30! meh.

I am also eyeing this. It's Php950 (?). That's roughly $23. I think it's so much money to spend for organizing eyeliners and mascaras BUT I promised myself I won't get it if the 5-level acrylic drawer (photo above) won't pass my taste (requirement actually. I need the drawers to be thick enough to hold my blushes but unfortunately, according to the SA, they might just be able to hold eyeshadow palettes).

The 2-level acrylic drawers are actually perfect BUT I can't survive with just two drawers. I would have to stack three pops and that would total to almost $100. No way am I spending that much for make-up organization, not yet. I just don't feel deserving yet! :( This is the 2-level drawer. We have this at our store. If by God's will mom decides to change the make-up organization at the store, I am gaining custody of those cases by hook or by crook, hehe. This is priced the same as the 5-level drawer.

TIP: Never drop any of the acrylic cases on display. It's going to be very very awkward, embarrassing and frightening to wait for the verdict: is it damaged or is it not? The guards are very very particular with the items.

Here's a little something from Muji's catalogue. It's an instructional page on the "art of washing the face".

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  1. haha.. ako orgasmic pag umiikot sa watsons at sm dept. stores.. wahahahhaha i can stay there for hours!!!

  2. I just love Muji. And I want those cases! xxx

    1. Me too! But tbh i find them painfully expensive :( the quality's really good though. the acrylic isn't crisp/brittle

  3. Agree ako kay Donnarence! Haha. Kakaadik mag ikot sa watsons! I can stay there forever. Hahaha

  4. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine! Don't forget to enter my competition to win a pair of Motel Pamela Mann tights - perfect for any Valentines Day outfit!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons


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