HAUL: Snoe Beauty, Nature Republic and Etude House

Just a quick post to share how I ended/begun this week. I've been dying to visit Nature Republic at Festival Mall and I needed to restock on my anti-acne HG of all HG face wash so it's all good. I went to Etude House and bought some Snoe Beauty products too. I know Festival Mall is a very busy and noisy mall. It's also very messed up (I don't like its zoning); but I'm very happy it houses these three fabulous beauty brands! I went home with this (had to make it extremely blurry because most of these items are for my beauty swapmates and I wouldn't want them to see what I got for them! :) I love beauty swapping. I've been hooked >_< How about you?

Anyway, I'm feeling the "need" to share with you the items I NEED in my life.

Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Honey Olive Clementine Shampoo and Conditioner. I reviewed their Cleansing Conditioner here and since I liked the product, might as well try the others, says my mother. I love it cause it's green and there's the Clementine factor to it. If you know me, you know why I love "Clementine". (hint: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

Snoe White beauty bar in Oatmeal and Goat's Milk. Snoe has TONS of beauty bars and I reviewed them here. Photo also shows the Black Bleaching Soap, standing sideways.

Etude House AC Clinic Facial Foam Cleanser. LOVE IT so much. I talk about it here and here.

Basically I'm on a shopping ban right now which leaves me a little depressed because I really want to review the Beauty Angel palette in Purple, Gold and Blue from Snoe Beauty. Oh wow, even their Four Seasons blush palette and their body scrubs were potential! Ugh.

I'm on a shopping ban not by choice but because I really went overboard spending and I can't afford to spend more. Oh well at least I brought home freebies from Nature Republic (the masks with the Korean guy's face are freebies, the rest I bought. The promo is, for every 2 face masks, you get 1 for free. I think I bagged 7 free masks... do the math.).

I also brought these home. You get one BB Cream for every Php500 purchase.

You also get one face cleanser for every Php300 purchase at Nature Republic.

While you get a box-load of travel essentials from Etude House for every Php3,000 purchase.

Haha! Just realized, only Snoe Beauty did not give me a freebie today! >_<

COMING SOON... Nature Republic Collagen BB Cream

There's no stopping love.

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  1. OOooh! I had this feeling that you shopped at Nature Republic! XDDD During the first day of my visit there, I ended up with a card too :) 10% discount is really convenient no? I can't wait for your reviews of Snoe's products :) I only have one product of theirs, the sunblock. :) So far, it's great.

    1. My review for the Hair Heroes and snoe soaps are already up on the post (check the words here as it is a link). :) I didnt get discount for my first purchase cause I had no card then. But it's alright. :) On my next purchase I'd get the discounts. I had to buy a lot from Nature Republic cause my swapmate fr Singapore requested for Nature Republic hahaha and I wanted to try it out too so I can review the brand here. :D for variety

  2. this reminds me that i need to buy my hair heroes na! XD

  3. Good haul. I am overwhelmed with curiosity about that BB cream.

  4. Love your hauls! I've never tried anything from nature republic before. lol :)

    1. snap! Lemme know if you'd like to give it a shot! :D

  5. There's that snoe soap again... do you like that one?

    I'm reading Soap Maker's Workshop by Dr. Robert McDaniel and his wife Katherine McDaniel... see if you can find it on Amazon. Good soap is made from natural ingredients without synthetic detergents like sodium laurel sulfate... I learned about the different soap making processes and made a few bars by myself... I learned all about clay in there too. It comes with a DVD to watch as well.


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