REVIEW: San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation

Finding the perfect foundation is key to creating the perfect look. We girls got to cover the bases -- and by mean cover I mean hide those flaws, and bases I mean prep the skin. So given the chance to dip into the Matte-Finish Liquid Foundations by San-San, here's my story.

The shades are limited. There are only four shades and I'm sorry I have only three! From left, that's 1, 3 and 4. Personally, I don't like when make-up is just coded. I prefer names so maybe a little more creativity on that aspect. It's so much easier to remember names anyway. Packaging is super though. I really like it! It's in a matte-finish (how apt, glass bottle). These foundations are enriched with vitamins, like all San San cosmetics.

It came with a wand applicator. Essentially I don't believe the wand was made to apply the product directly on the face. It is best used to just scoop the product off the bottle. Think of it like a spoon. :) If you love spooning... JK!

Having an applicator that works like a spoon has some pros and cons. The pros is it's not messy. The cons is it can be unhygienic and it may lead to wastage. Actually, wastage is not solely the wand's fault; but the bottles. It's harder to "lick the bottle clean" because, well, you can't! Unlike if the foundation is in a tube, you can simply cut the tube in half and scoop out product. :) But that's just me. Since the foundations are very affordable, I am not worried about the idea of wastage so hah!

Hopefully the photos above illustrated how fluid the consistency of the product is. With that, you're assured it's not sticky. It is actually well-absorbed by the skin and it doesn't cake. We hate cakey foundations. Me likes my cake on a plate, not my face.

Here are swatches.

Since I'm amazed by how #3 disappeared on my skin! I swatched it again!
And again...

And now I'm convinced it's my perfect match!

Sorry for the sudden change in skin tone. No, I'm no alien. I just notice that when against bright sun light, my skin shows a little redness. Is that what you call undertone? Understand?  I applied the matte foundation generously on my cheeks and believe me not, I'm floored myself by how smooth my cheeks looked like! Yes, I'm already wearing a light layer of powder blush, still. It looks poreless! 

Then outdoor I realized the reason. The matte finish liquid foundation seem to work like a light diffusing foundation too. I mean, look! My face is eating light!

Roughly six hours after (sorry, indoor lighting now so back to my non-red skintone), my forehead is a bit shiny already but perhaps that's because I applied the foundation lightly on the area. On my cheeks, where I applied the foundation generously, it's still mega-matte. Loves it. (Notice how my lipstick's gone! LOL)

With that, I conclude that the Matte finish liquid foundation is effective in keeping the face shine-free; just remember to use enough product!

How about you? How do you mattify?

My Verdict

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  1. The applicator looks pretty cool. No. 3 does look nice.

  2. wow i always heard a lot of good reviews abot this product. but this one is a more in depth review! thanks a lot for this.. im planning to buy one for myself too :)

    1. thank you so much Cris! glad my review helped. :)

  3. Thanks for this review Kumi. I need a matte foundation now. I used to be dry-skinned but I guess I have overly moisturized my face so now, it has become oily. Thank God I'm not having break-outs. Thanks to _______. Haha! Will not advertise the brand here. LOL.

    Anyway, I've been buying matte stuff these past few days. Matte nail polish, now I want a matte foundation but never will I love a matte lipstick. My lips are still dry no matter how often I put lip balm on it. LOL

    1. oh i dont mind. i mean you're just recommending anyway, not advertising? :D you should try the foundation. i dont like the scent though. like personal preference, i graded it a one cause i hated it. it's vanilla and i hate vanilla scents haha i like vanilla ice cream haha

      sayang. matte lipsticks are fun too. ayaw kahit may lip balm?

  4. Uy, now that you've mentioned it's vanilla... I wanna try this, too! Hope it's available here, though. :)

    1. i hope it is! it's bound to be cause i see it in all branches!

  5. I love how you do your review-as always! super informative! i love your pretty face too!
    just my 2cents-some of your photos look reddish-i think because of the camera's white balance-
    i think you should check it sis.
    i was previously struggling why my photos were too orangey-'twas the camera's wb settings ><
    check the white balance sis ^^ kisses =*

    1. i'll check it out. but i dont really change my camera settings with hope that my shots would be as raw as possible cause i dont want anyone telling me that im just editing shots so the products would look good, etc. but i'll check it out. :D i gotta learn my cam!

    2. aww i understand.. haha i agree there are still some apes that did not evolve into people when it comes to the idea of "editing"-bitter kse yung iba eh. Post processing must be acceptable especially when it comes with the proper lighting diba.. of course we need to check and adjust it. We're a beauty blogger haha not an expert photographer- "trial and error" - kaya naman the photo results may vary in each lighting situation.. kaya they must understand if we need to do some adjustment. haha dami ko ni-say ^^ Good Luck sis! me too, i'm still learning- hirap ng self portraits dba. T.T

  6. this looks great on you! i'm personally not a fan of matte foundations or powders, they look so obvious and cakey on me! >___<

    1. me too! im not a fan. i just tried this out for kicks. :p

  7. very helpful, i will try that out hope it will work for me too! thanks for sharing <3
    visit my blog too :)

  8. I never noticed their foundations, until now. Glad you've found your perfect match! :D It's amazing how it disappeared and blended with your own skin tone.

  9. Settle na po me dun sa #3. It's a bit dark for me, but the closest match. Thanks =)


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