NAILS: 2 Layers of Glitter--Nail Bed

If you're following me on twitter then perhaps you read through my emotionally disturbed tweets earlier this evening! I'm so sorry for that. As much as I'm a very positive person by default, I do have my moments when my brightness fades out.

Oh well, nothing lifts up my spirit as effectively as shiny things do. I figured, it's time to rekindle an old flame . I took out my old Elianto glitter polish and layered it above one of my favorite go-to green polishes from Caronia. Of course, nothing beats rekindling the past than mating it with the future; that's why after layering my old flame on top of my go-to polish, I layered one of my newest babies from Kleancolor on top of it.
From L-R: Elianto, Kleancolor, Caronia
I love using Caronia polishes as my base color cause they're usually opaque enough even with just one layer of the product. Because anything that would make my polish feel lighter despite my heavy layering of glitter is welcome, Caronia polishes are usually among my first choices when it comes to choosing a base color. I am using Caronia On the Go as a base polish for this look.

My base color is a powder moss type of green and it's one of my favorite go-to shades because it has quite a unique tone to it. Tonight, since I'm feeling a bit blue, I layered a sparkling golden green glitter polish on top of it. I was immediately thrilled by how unique the color turned out to be. It made me think of mermaids! I am sad Elianto closed all stores in the Philippines :( They have such amazing nail colors! I am using Elianto Aspen Green. Come to think of it, is Elianto still open anywhere else in the world, or did the brand completely died?

Last but definitely not the least, I topped my polish with a layer of a very apt nail color to end February with, Kleancolor My Valentine. The polish is loaded with pink glitter (which is hardly visible because I think Aspen Green glitter was far too overwhelmingly pretty to compete with!) and some yellow, white and blue metallic flakes; however this little sparklers are a bit sparser than you would expect judging by how amazing they look in the bottle. You kinda have to fish them out which was troubling for me so I didn't bother. Anyway, I only used My Valentine to add that final kiss.

Now I shall go to sleep, and relax. My laptop is officially broken and I don't know how to fix it nor replace it so it's kinda refreshing to be blogging on our family computer (LOL doesn't that make it sound too old school?) Hope things turn out well sooner.

Hope my nail polish brightened up your day! What do you think?

Boy did I have a hard time removing glitter polish tonight! My bed ended up covered with so much silver sparkle, I may just dream of unicorns in my sleep. Let's say goodbye to my previous polish. To view it, please visit this link.

Always be graceful and grateful. 

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  1. fantastic combo once again! the name of that kleancolor polish is interesting. i was expecting to see more red and pink after reading its name!

  2. Have you tried the foil method to remove glitter polish?

  3. oh my oh my oh my! LOVE that green... the first coat one!

  4. That is beautiful- especially the green one!

  5. OMG! This is so pretty! I love it!

  6. So glittery Kumi! Awesome. I'm thinking of buying some large chunk glittery nail polish from Kleancolor <3

  7. The glitters have an interesting effect :) I love small glitters more but these are cute!

  8. The green reminds me of the wizard of oz, when they reach emerald city. Very pretty.


  9. Thanks everyone! glad you liked it!! :D


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