REVIEW: Avon 24K Lipstick (Ruby in Gold) and Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick (Pink Quartz)

I hope you're not growing tired of seeing my lips on my blog! :p I really marked February as my lipstick month so I'm really sharing a lot of lippies in the coming days. It's my own little way of celebrating love and my love for make-up, which is excessive in the lippie department. :) If it's the same for you, say "aye!"

This February expect a lot of reds and a few pinks only though. I will not be sharing other bright or nuder lipstick reviews or features because I want to paint the town red with my smoochers! February is a good reason, right?

Let me share with you the lipsticks I got from Avon. It's very random actually. Friends were suddenly looking for an Avon lady because they wanted to buy some brassieres and what nots. When a catalogue was within vicinity, I enjoyed custody and was able to order some make-up products that I thought were worth trying. Sadly, not all the products I wanted to review was available. Dear Avon, I still want to review your White Gold lipstick line. Where are they available? :(

First we have Ultra-Moisture Rich 24K Gold Lipstick in Ruby in Gold. I feel silly, cause at first I thought it's with a black case but it's actually in a gold case. No complaints because I think it's apt, the lipstick has gold specks anyway. Oh yes, I love make-up with fancy things on them and gold baby is fancy enough for me.

I got the Ruby in Gold shade. Let me just take this opportunity to commend Avon for the transparency and the quality of their products. Check out the bar code sticker. Read the manufacturing date. It states there, 120112. I'm assuming that means the product was manufactured last January 12, 2012. If I'm wrong, I'd be happy to be corrected but if I'm right, I am very happy that I'm receiving a fresh product! I hate receiving products that have been on the shelves for a while now cause to me it means two devastating things: (1) product is old obviously and (2) no one's buying it that's stocks are still on shelf.

Also very happy to find out thet the lipsticks were made in the Philippines! The lipsticks are made in Calamba, Laguna. (Sorry for the blurry photo). Another thing I love about the product is the name. You should know by now (for yourselves even) how difficult it is to remember and recommend a product that has no name! I'm pleased that although the lipstick has a code, it also has a name. :) ... a catchy one even.

So anyway, the black "design" was just plastic. You tear it off and tada, let the gold roll.

This is Ultra-Moisture Rich 24K Gold Lipstick in Ruby in Gold. Who else thinks the gold detail's charming and elegant? Don't be surprised though. It is a "ruby" lipstick anyway. It's not going to be THAT red. I won't be swatching on my arm because I found out that both lipsticks featured on this post are not as opaque, instead let me share with you the lipstick swatches as glided on the lips.

Ultra-Moisture Rich 24K Gold Lipstick in Ruby in Gold on my lips.

Ultra-Moisture Rich 24K Gold Lipstick in Ruby in Gold on my lips.It's like a tint, isn't it? But it's lipstick! It's not creamy not sticky. It's very light but it's moisturizing. I love the gold specks the most!

Would I repurchase? I'm not decided yet... I really want to try the White Gold lipstick to review here. :( I want to compare!

Good thing the Avon Smooth Minerals lipstick in Pink Quartz I ordered was available. It has SPF 15.

If you love mineral make-up, then you might enjoy this line of lipsticks. They're not completely just minerals... but at least there's a little bit of goodness in it? Sadly for both lipsticks I can't list down the ingredients because the ingredients were listed on the plastic seal (which I immediately tored wide open!) but I don't mind.

Same with Ruby in Gold, it's a newly manufactured product. I'm satisfied. Same as Ruby in Gold, Pink Quartz also has a counterpart code... but let's stick to calling it by its Pink Quartz name.

Don't be disappointed with the sticker label at the bottom of the lipstick. Oh my goodness, the Avon Smooth Minerals lipstick in Pink Quartz is ooh lala I like it. I love how powder pink it is! It also comes with light shimmer.

And... you know I love it because my lips look so young and innocent and sweet with it! :) I love Avon Smooth Minerals lipstick in Pink Quartz to the max and it is this shade's fault that's why I'm dying to try the pink of Avon's White Gold line.

How about you? What Avon product have you tried?

What do you think of the lipsticks I just bought? :)

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  1. Wow, Ruby in Gold is one of my favorite lipstick shades from Avon. Glad you did a review on this one.

    Sadly, pinks aren't for me. I look so dead in pink lipsticks, especially pale ones. Hehehe.

    1. So cool to share something in common! I do agree that pink can sometimes really look sickly depending on your skin tone. but im sure a certain pink would look great on you! pinks are great pick me uppers! :D

  2. I have that Pink Quartz, too! Nice no?

    At dahil Avon lady ako (lol), here are my favorites:
    Ultra Moisture Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in Charged Cherry and Fuchsia Fun
    Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Barely There
    Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Deep Plum (Avon UK)

    I was going to message you na nga about the Versatile Blogger Award, you saw it na pala. I went to sleep after I posted that, lol. :)

  3. Very pretty! I can see the quartz in it :) hehe
    I have a catalog from Avon that I'm thinking about ordering from. I'll make sure to look at their lipsticks!


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