FEATURE: Shimmer Twins Treasure Lashes

I believe that in our eyes lie our true nature. Our beauty is hugely revealed by the luster, the sparkle and even the lushness of our eyes. 

If you're feeling avante-garde and ready for superstardom, you will enjoy Shimmer Twins dramatic collection of bold and note-worthy false lashes. These A-list favorite Treasure Lashes: Shimmer Twins are British Star, Jaime Winston's favorite. Warning: Wearing Shimmer Twins may result to a long line of killer photos.

Rockstar eyes, a million wish a blink.

Star-kissed lashes as featured Style Bible ID magazine.

More on the star-studded falsies.

This is really pretty.

The heart-studded lashes are perfect for a playful V-date with the girls.

Love your lashes the grand way.

More on Shimmer Twins website. Available at Asos.com, Claudia Pink Boutique Liverpool and Urban Outfitters from December.  Creative lashes set £15, plain black lash £8.

Where would you wear falsies as grand as Shimmer Twins Lashes?

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  1. These are gorgeous!! I love the yellow stars one and the pink hearts :D

  2. These look gorgeous! I definitely love the first one the most! :D

  3. These are really pretty! They would look great in photoshoots and for special events :D

  4. Wow. These are stunning. IF I was going clubbing, I'd definitely snag myself a pair and put them on.

  5. Ang cute Kumi! I want one! Is it available here in PH? :)

    1. Hi Gellie, online only eh. you can always buy naman online or if not, course it through a buyer. :D

  6. i've seen similar ones around! i think they're too over the top for any place thats not a fashion show or photoshoot, or something of the sort hahaha


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