EVENT: Majolica Majorca opens the Lash King's Royal Chamber

I feel like it's very safe to say that if you love make-up, you're bound to have a lash-fascination phase some time or the other. Perhaps, you're one of those who moved on and chose a different fixation--but if not, then you're surely one of Lash King's royal subjects!

Majolica Majorca just recently opened the champers of the king of all lashes and I am super happy to share with you a sneak to Majolica Majorca's royalty-romantic Spring 2012 collection.

 I am so amused that while other cosmetic brands go for the pastel colors this Spring, Majolica Majorca dared to go otherwise. As you would see in the photos below, the Majolica Majorca's Spring 2012 collection is a different form of femininity. It is the type stirred with mystic, magic and enchantment.

Lash King, the king of all kings, landed the shores of our tropical country and brought forward an astonishing event that would definitely change the lash world permanently. Ever gotten tired of choosing between length and volume? Have you ever been frustrated by the need to sacrifice curl just to have fluttering lashes? Well, with the new Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara, you need not choose no more. It has everything you need in one tube. Its trusted acrobat catch brush coats every single lash evenly. It offers limitless length thanks to its 5mm lash fibers that blends perfectly well with your natural lash hair. It also promises thick coverage, so rich, so full and so dramatic.

Let me tell you a secret... you don't have to be beauty-crazed to love the Lash King. If you can only have a few make-up products with you, the Lash King should be part of that limited line-up. It can easily brighten up the face just by bringing added life to your eyes. Fulfill your wishes...

I am still in the process of testing the product to determine its ability to hold a curl but lengthening and volumizing results are astoundingly amazing. If you want to make your eyes even more lush and beautiful, tend to your lashes using Lash King. You're bound to be a queen of all courts.

Here are photos from the event. Feast on the royal new product range of Majolica Majorca. Like Majolica Majorca on Facebook for more updates! Three new products were launched and if you should try another product from the collection, it has to be the new fragrance! Oh my goodness, its a unique blend of fruity, floral and vanilla scent. It's limited edition too so if you're a collector, you shouldn't miss out.

You should also try their notable lip and cheek tint. Blood On is a red-pigmented lip and cheek tint. It's in a black pot and at first glance, it looks like your ordinary lip balm but upon swatching it, it unveils a healthy flush of red color.

Majolica Majorca Lash King Spring 2012 Collection

With great people.

With great entertainment.

Irresistible food.

We also got to enjoy some tarot reading on the side. I will be sharing what ate read from my cards soon! Here's Shen having hers read.

Stay tuned for my review of the products. Follow Majolica Majorca on Twitter too.

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