BEAUTY: Inspired by Santana of Glee

Who doesn't love Santana of Glee? Played by the super sexy Naya Rivera, I took inspiration from her look and thought of creating a polished everyday make-up look worthy of winning the Nationals!
Aah Santana's sexiness
Santana's look is hugely clean and basic. But let's not forget her heavy lashes and her delicious lips. I tried to recreate something similar that would work with my features and for this look I used mostly mineral make-up only. The key in recreating Santana's look is in achieving perfectly clear skin and thick lush lashes.

So let me first share what I have to work with, hehe

Imperfections everywhere! Anyway, I hide them by using Everyday Minerals Beige Neutral matte make-up base that I got as a gift from Eileen (visit her page here). Then I use my Perfecting Concealer Stick from Guerlain (sorry, I don't have a mineral concealer... have not encountered one too! Share me recommendations?) 

Then I use my favorite ELF Mineral Powder Foundation in Light. Here's a photo of me with just half of my face, with foundation.

After I cleared my face from those horrid imperfections, I prettified my brows and applied a very subtle yet pretty eyeshadow. I used Sand Beige and Champagne pigments from Beauty and Minerals

They were perfect! I wanted to have a very clean eye area but didn't want it left bare so I opted to use nude mineral pigments. The reason why I wanted it to be a clean area: thick lashes. I tight lined my eyes then applied a thick falsie.

I just love how Sand Beige mimics my natural skin tone. It's like a radiant powder instead of a shadow. Very very chic.

I have amateur falsie-skills but I needed to do it for the sake of Santana-worthy lashes. Amateur as I am, the best tip I can give you is to be patient. Wait for the glue to be tacky. Applying falsies would wet glue could ruin your make-up! :)

So anyway, here's how my Santana-inspired eyes turned out like. These photos would show how I missed applying the lashes properly near the inner corner of my eye haha

Now for a sexy glare.

After my eyes, I just went on and applied a peachy blush. I used a blush from Ellana Minerals. Here's a photo of me with one cheek blushed up.

Then let's do both cheeks, and smile.

As you can see I started the look with a pinkish lip butter but realized it's not honest to Santana's look so I changed it eventually. I'm using a lipstick from Sansan. I was supposed to use Earth Angel from Human Heart Nature so it's still mineral, but I threw mine away because it got crappy haha.

I fixed my high pony and I'm done!

My girlfriend said I was too fair so I edited a photo and gave myself some color. :p

How do I look?

COMING SOON... Etude House Lucid Darling Nail Polish

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  1. Whoa! Well done, Mae! Galing galing!
    Your lips are sexier than Santana's, actually. ;)

  2. great job! I honestly like Santana haha :) She's so pretty :P

  3. Gorgeous doll! x

    Kiss Kiss,
    Bec of

  4. Amazing post! The fake lashes does wonders! I'm sorry I can't stand Glee, the show gives me a major headache. Well done on the make up job!

    1. haha oh no! but i agree. in a way the storyline is a bit off sometimes but some remakes are winning! :) thanks for the compliments Jenni

  5. Hello Santana! Oh I mean Kumi. You're so gorgeous! :D

  6. A very nice interpretation! Your lashes are just so gorgeous :D

  7. OMG i love your nails!!!! :D
    you look super pretty too! great job on the look (:

  8. Gorgeous replication. Those lashes really do make your eyes stand out.

  9. I'm not a glee fan but I love this loooook ♥


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