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It's hard to argue with the fact that a smokey eye is one of the most timeless make-up techniques one should master. Smokeys can come in an array of colors! Of course, the perfect smokey can require the skill of a warrior. You are bound to battle against fall outs anyway, so it's really important to have the patience and proper understanding on how to do it. BUT, is it really that intimidating? Not always. As what the title of this post suggests, yes, you can get a smokey eye in a swipe by ensuring that: the product you're using is pigmented and easy to blend even with just your fingers, and the product you'd use does not cause horrid fall-outs.

Fortunately, spring 2012 answered that very woe. Recently I received some love swag from my friend Eileen. I was sooo happy! She even got me treats from the Spring releases of Maybelline and L'oreal! Sadly, Philippines is almost always late when it comes to these collections! It is to my understanding that these brands release collections differently per region. Understandably because each brand focuses on their region's needs... but then again, you can't be a make-up geek and say you won't need these--especially if you're weak in the smokey eye department.

Let's start with Maybelline's 24-hr Color Tattoo collection.

Colors everywhere! Maybelline's 24-hr Color Tattoo is a burst of hues! I love how crazy and how classic the collection's color choices are. Although I do share the sentiment, "Who wears make-up for 24-hrs?", I love it still.

I was given Tough as Taupe. It's a creamy milk chocolate color on the jar but upon application, it shows a grayish earth color. I'll be sharing a swatch later. Oh, let's not forget how wonderfully pigmented and easy to blend Color Tattoo is. Applied using your clean fingers, you can easily have a quick-and-easy date-worthy smokey eye in a jiffy.

It's perfectly sealed! I love it. The packaging's very "collector-friendly". Because it has a glass jar container, you can easily find the color from your stash.

Moving forward, let's swoon over L'oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow collection.

If you love using mineral pigments (because of how pigmented they are), you're going to love the convenience the Color Infallible offers. Just look at those colors! My eyes are twinkling! No denying, I'm super stuck staring at the royal violet (shadow from the upper right row) and the pink piece (middle shadow from the bottom row).

I got to try the green shadow. It's called Golden Sage. Would you agree with me when I say I think the packaging's fancy?

It reminds me of Bvlgari products! Note however how different the engraving on the actual product compared to the ad I saw featuring the entire collection! Weird!

The L'oreal Color Infallible shadows have a complicated formulation. It looks powder and if you dip your finger or your brush on it, it is indeed in a loose powder format BUT upon application, you'd completely feel how much it resembles a cream shadow! It has a very delightful satin finish too. It's not outrageously shimmery or glittery like most mineral pigments. It has an electric feel to it.

To give you a sneak, here's one swipe of both products!

Are these available in your country, cause it's not in the Philippines! What are your thoughts?


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  1. the l'oreal is more shimmery and the pigment seems good :) i'm very curious about the maybelline one... :)

    1. really? i got more curious for the l'oreal ones! :D

  2. Replies
    1. hope it arrives in the Philippines soon so you could try it out too!

  3. the maybelline ones look sogood! now i am envious of those who have them available in their countries!

    i have yet to really learn applying eye shadow so something like the maybelline ones actually look enticing. :)

  4. let me know if there are any other colors you'd like! i wasn't sure if you minded creamy-ish eyeshadows, so i thought i'd get you one of each to try out first.

    1. you know i was so surprised that it was gel-like or soft creamy like. it was between the two--and magically, really crease free!


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