FEATURE: How to organize your make-up (PICTURE-HEAVY)

I'm so happy... please like this post if you liked how I organized. :) Oh, all organizers (acrylic and the box) are just approx $2! hahaha nye nye! :p

That, my dear friends, is a nylon towel. I guess I should call it a Japanese Nylon Towel, and you use it when you shower. It exfoliates the skin gently and it also makes for easy scrubbing those hard to reach places (aka. your back). I got it from a Japanese Supplies Store yesternight and I really love using it. :) 

And because I was at a "Japan-Japan", I looked around and scored myself organizers for my make-up collection. First, the cutest box ever.

This is how it should look like.

Taken out of the pouch, it got cuter!

And cuter!

But it's not the only polka-event going on here. I also got pink acrylic cases with polka-dot design! IKR CUTE! I got a pair, the last two pieces!

It came in three designs. I would've gotten all pink but since there was only two of the polka pink one left, I got two of each design. Here are the other designs for the acrylic case.

I love them because they're so cheap (P88) and they're so cute! I also love them because the sticker label on the case are easy to remove! I hate it when stickers are tough to remove, especially if they leave a little bit of glue behind!

So basically the acrylic cases are for my lippies. I think they aren't cosmetic cases but they're perfect as lipstick stands if you ask me.

So anyway, the trick in organizing your stash is to try and try until you succeed haha Enjoy!

Then switch the location of the box because at this time it had my skin care routine and I figured the skin care products should be more accessible!

Then I realized I would use the boxes as storage boxes for my make-up. I took out the pair of acrylic cases inside the then skin care box and placed it in a row with all the other cases. I placed my concealers and bb products there for a while. Tried to make it work.

So I worked on arranging my storage boxes. I put silica gel sachet so it doesn't breed mold (not that it'd be wet).

Trivia time: a lot of my eye shadow palettes have tissue paper on top of the pans because I hate it when out of nowhere a shade would break and create a mess. I would hate for my pink strawberry boxes to be stained so I continued with the tissue thing. I know it's harder to determine which is which but I think opening up a palette to check if it's what you're looking for is a lesser job than having to clean up a mess... esp if it messed up all the other neighboring palettes!

I put all my color cosmetics for the eyes and for my cheeks together. I used packs of cotton balls and tissue as separator.

On a different box, I put all my face products such as powders and foundations. I also temporarily placed my pencils and mascaras there. PROMISE I will improve how everything are placed in storage box #2. I just ran out of organizing ideas... suggestions?

There you have my strawberry field. :)

Placing all my eye products in strawberry #2 gave me an empty box to think about. Immediately, I remembered my face masks and took them out of their shabby home, a Nivea paper bag!.

Now they're happy inside a vintage-inspired Papelmeroti box.

I thought of putting the box on top of the field but didn't like it.

So I decided to arrange the third row of my shelf (it used to hold my desperate attempt to chase down my book lag!) Underneath all those labelled items is my face mask box. :)

And here's the final look of my beauty corner. :) I feel proud.

It's so pleasant to look at. How would you rate my final set-up? :D

Happy to have found a way to make my lippies feel loved. Happy to also have found a way to make skin care more convenient for me! :)

How do you organize? (If you already have a similar post to this, comment with a link! I wanna see!)
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  1. Great job, Mae!
    I love the lipstick case the most. Ang ganda tingnan pag ganyan no? Just looking at makeup makes me happy. Haha, babaw ko! ;)

    1. yeah me too! im assuming you're a lipstick person too? :D im so excited to share this blush i got. omg if looking at that beautiful mess makes u happy, im sure the blush would make you ecstatic :)

  2. Whoa! I'm definitely getting those acrylic cases once I get the money :D I just have to look for a store where I could buy them..

    1. try daiso or one of those japanese stores like saizen etc. :D they should have one, not sure if that cute though!!

  3. i had fun looking through your beauty stash :)) i often come across that same prob when organizing :/

  4. the acrylic cases rock!!1 so pretty!

  5. Nice! Nahiya tuloy yung dresser ko. haha

    1. aww you have a dresser for your kakikayan? im so jealous! i wish i have one too! it would be so much easier! post how u organize, wanna see!

  6. waaaah! so cute! now this reminds me of how i need to organize my makeup na... i do have a drawer but it is still not enough! :P

    1. i dont think a drawer would ever be enough for a beauty junkiee haha skin care pa lang, bulky na!

  7. san jap store yan kumi?? wahh ang dami mong makeups!!! i threw away a lot na.. wahh

    1. hehe naipon lang lately. :D i threw away so much na :( i dont like kasi holding on to old makeup. yung iba naman i give to my tita/cousin cause im sure i wont be able to use them anyway haha :)

  8. VERY CUTE! I love that pink box! One day I will organize my collection.. lol

  9. I LOVE this! Your acrylic stands look perfect, and those strawberry storage things are too cute (:

  10. Hi!! just found ur blog and loving it straight away!! love love!
    Like the way you keep your stuff^^

  11. Great organizer! I wouldn't mind seeing my makeup collection with cuter storage boxes hehe, great job! Im a new follower!


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