EVENT: Summer is More Fun with Nivea Sun - Nivea 7 Summer Wonders

Experienced one of those "lazy weather" days today. I miss having no work on a Sunday. Sundays used to be my favorite day of the week cause it meant rest for me. Oh, how things change.

Few nights ago I attended Nivea Sun's Summer Party at Skye Lounge at Bonifacio High Street. I'm so psyched to have attended the first Summer Party of the year! I love Summer, of all seasons and Nivea's always ahead in launching my favorite season!
By Mikki Galang

Skye Lounge was a lovely venue. It was a relatively cold evening but it's easy to manage when you're with warm company. (From L-R: Shen, Marj, Val--hi girls!) I really love Marj's "cover-up". I wasn't able to look at it closely but it was like a modern and sheer kimono. :D

Jaime Sanico of Nivea Sun, with Shen.

I was being giggly and naughty with Earth most of the evening though. 

We were seated at the very front table and before the fashion show proper, we took notice of how the carpet looked like fake grass. Then Earth went on with cute shoe pictures. I took mine and took hers. Her pointed flats were cute!

It was a fun fun FUN event! Nivea Sun kicked off summer with a press preview of their upcoming Facebook Application-slash-contest-slash-campaign. Everything's happening by March 1 but don't skip a beat and like Nivea Philippines now so you'd be updated with what's to happen!

Nivea Sun, named as the world's number 1 in sun protection, partnered with the Department of Tourism in promoting Philippines as the ultimate FUN summer destination. Yes, they partnered with the recently launched "it's more fun in the Philippines" DOT campaign. This 2012, Nivea Sun, in partnership with DOT, will be declaring the 7 Summer Wonders of our country! If you have a favorite Summer destination, soon will be its time to shine! Frankly, with the many beautiful destinations in our country, I'm sure naming just 7 would be a bit of a task so while waiting for the application, you can try to narrow down your votes!

But before you do that, be inspired by Charina Sarte's swim wear collection created especially for Nivea Sun! I really like the colors of the swimsuits here!

Did you enjoy the show? Sorry my camera's so heavy and I was holding it with one hand so there's a little bit of shakiness come the latter portion of the show.

Here's the swimwear collection for the ladies! Congratulations Nivea and Charina!
By Mikki Galang
The designer, Charina Sarte, for best in hotness.
By Mikki Galang

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  1. Wow you were so lucky to be there! You sure had a great time :) Awesome photos!


  2. You all look so pretty! And I love your shoes :) You should definitely watch Sound of Music btw. It's really worth it. The same goes for "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". And they're both not expensive, either :)


  3. Chase beautiful things...hey I do that too! LOL!

    Follow me, I'm following you!



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