REVIEW: Human Heart Nature Mineral Lipsticks in Lucky in Love and First Kiss

I don't know how long people can keep up counting the days on Twitter but there's something about meeting the first day of February. It's the "love" month and isn't it enough reason to ask yourself "Am I Lucky in Love?". Maybe it's also that time of the year when you think back on your first love... First Kiss maybe? Oh let's cut down the chase. Let's talk about  Human Heart Nature's Lucky in Love and First Kiss Mineral Hydrating Lipstick.

These two were the two new shades Human Heart Nature launched last Christmas 2011 season. I can just imagine how many Human Heart Nature fanatics got excited when these colors came out since Red and Pink are two all-time favorite lip colors across ages. Personally, I love how these two were named. You know how some brands name their lipsticks with number or letter codes? I hate that! I love it when cosmetics are named creatively.

To satisfy your curiosity, here are swatches. First I swatched the lipsticks on white paper, below.

But I'm sure you'd find the swatches below more believable. The lipsticks swatched on my arm. They aren't as pigmented and I wish the colors would be a little more opaque. They glided smoothly though and the tubes weren't sticky even if I applied a thick amount already.

But like I always prefer, I like lipsticks when they're swatched on the lips. Keep on scrolling down to check my lip swatches.

First Kiss is a mauve pink lip color shade. I love this color so much because I like standing between bold and sophisticated. It's the type of color you can wear day in and night; and you can also wear this shade with natural or even sexy smokey eye make-up.

First Kiss on my lips. I'm quite pleased by how Super Makro captured the color of First Kiss. I also love how Super Makro captured how the lipstick filled in my lip flaws with moisture and all natural nourishment.

Next of course it the much-awaited Carmine Free red lipstick, Lucky in Love.

Lucky in Love on my lips. I like that the two new lipsticks are a bit more "glossy" now compared to how the first and second "edition" of  Human Heart Nature Mineral Lipsticks were (since they were somewhat semi-matte). I also like how Lucky in Love is not a screaming red color. It's warm and is great for the Filipina skin tone.

To date, Human Heart Nature has 5 wearable shades (used to be six but temporarily they stopped selling the shade Pink Skies due to formulation issues.) I featured the rest of the collection here. I've been through so many Human Heart Nature lipsticks already and I still am a fan of the Passionfruit scent of these tubes. Some people don't like it, but I do. To me, the scent is a candy-sweet treat.

Because these lipsticks are clean of harmful chemicals, not to mention crushed insects eew; I am predisposed to love 'em. The only thing I didn't like about the lipsticks is the limited shelf life they follow. I love lipsticks a lot and I don't think I can rotate my tubes and ensure I finish the tubes in less than a year--so case in point, I won't be able to finish the lipsticks before it expires. :( I hate waste.

These lippies are only Php225 each. It would please you to know that each tube also supports a cause so you're not just prettifying your lips but you're also helping build a sustainable farming community in Davao. The lipsticks are available from your Human Heart Nature dealer, website or Beauty Bar. :)

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Sparkling tubes of joy right here.

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  1. Hey Human Nature ambassadress! I am seriously nominating you talaga if they open the search again, hehe.

    One of the girls from last year's search was my friend eh. ;)

  2. awww I like the color of lucky in love, it's a nice tone between red and coral :D

  3. The lipstick shades are really nice! ^__^ I never knew that Human Heart Nature also has lipsticks. I just recently tried the Sunflower Oil so I am a newbie to Human Heart Nature's products. I think I will try that shades since it is affordable and not to mention, free from chemicals. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  4. I like these 2 shades, they look beautiful! Plus I'm really drawn in by "mineral" and "natural". Hehe!

    February na! Love month has rolled around :)


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  5. loving both shades...and I agree on naming shades with creative name rather than those serial#..thanks for sharing the swatches..=)


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