LIFE: Comet Needs Company

It is no secret that last summer 2011 I bought an Olympus EP-1 (because I thought it was handsome and I just literally fell in love at first sight). It was the kind of purchase I didn't really think about. Well, I just had to figure out how to pay for it, that's all. Besides that, it was no question. I wanted the camera so I got it.
Just look at it! HANNN-SUMM
I didn't bother read about it. I didn't want to hear what people think. I don't want to hear about it being a bad investment; neither do I want to hear about it being a great one. Personally, I thought, I wanted the camera... whatever bad or good thing it has, I want to know myself--through experience.

So today, I'm a few months late from getting my electronic flash. Of course, obviously, a downside is that it doesn't have one... but I don't care. I said, I'll just buy one. I'll build it up one accessory at a time. But oh dear, I haven't even gotten off to any start in terms of that plan. So a while ago I decided, I will canvass an electronic flash for Comet. FYI, Comet's the name of my camera.

It all started with just canvassing for an electronic flash... then I found a kit-deal that seemed reasonable since a little more dough meant a tripod and a spare battery (still wishing the kit included a remote instead)... then I saw the wide angle lens that I want to marry. But jeezuss. I need money. I wanna sell my soul.

Oh my goodness, imagine it (the lens shown on the third amazon link above) on a silver pen, cause Comet's silver.

Any tips on raising camera-funds? 

I want to cry. A dollar a tear?

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  1. Sell your old camera equipment or other stuff around the house you are not using.


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