HAUL: Cosmetologie 2012

I came. I saw. I conquered.

There was a stall that sells a bunch of face masks but was like uhm is this brand credible, I don't understand what's written, uhm hello where is this from? And the associate was like meh IDK. So I was like, haha meh also. I won't buy!

Sad because the brush cleanser I wanted to buy from Suesh was not available. MEH!

Got really excited over this though...

and this

Thank you for the great deals. A lot fo the stalls were already closed when I arrived and I was in a super-in-a-hurry mode so I visited stalls like a boss. Nothing can stop a woman with a plan.

Gameface on, hehe. I am wearing this really unique lipstick. I kinda not like it because I think it's not worth it BUT I can't deny that I find it unique... will post about it next time.

Feb. 22, 2012 is the last day of the beauty and wellness Cosmetologie 2012 trade show. Visit to catch more good deals. SMX Convention.

A quick photo-recap for you. Like I said, I wanted some pigments from Beauty and Minerals. Finally, I got the turquoise! I love mineral make-up! Dear fairy godmomma, please, I've been a good girl! Show me more! :p

If you love colors, don't miss out on the event!

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  1. YAY you got more polishes! i see a couple that i have too (: now we can be glitter twinsssss :D

    1. seriously like anything glitter. i wanted the metalic polishes but unfortunately i had no more money! i was on a strict budget!

  2. LOVE everything you bought xxx

  3. Ang bilis mo mag-post Kumi! Got something from Sophie's mineral makeup too. Ang ganda ng pigments. Definitely worth it. Will post my haul later this week or early next week. Pending posts pa... XP

    1. i have like ten pigments from sophie's shop which i bought way back but didnt bother using. lol like buying for the sake of buying only hihihi anyway, i had the time to post bec i was drying my nails. shempre i tried the kleancolors agad. :D sorry you were there w aya ba? i did see aya when she said hi but omg i was really on a rush so couldnt bother chat. i had dinner reservations i had to catch up on! :(

  4. omg! it looks like paradise!!!!!!!!:))))

  5. Haha the sales associate is so terrible.
    Lovely nail polishes!

  6. I love your haul!!! :) especially those nail polishes <3


  7. I envy you! Haha :) You got all items at such a steal! :)


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