Hi everyone! For this week's TurnbackTuesday, I will share with you what's inside my favorite and possibly oldest bag: a Guess denim bag with floral print! I no longer recall since when we've have this bag but I do remember having used this very bag in high school and more fondly in college! I love this bag because it can carry a whole lot and it is very sturdy (how much sturdier than denim do you want to get?) I also love how when you fill this bag with clothes (cause it's really perfect for sleep overs), it can function as a pillow! :)

With all the eco-movement against the use of plastic bags, I figured it's time to rekindle my love for this Guess bag and at the same time share with you what's in my purse so you can get to know me more. They did say the contents of ones purse says volumes about a anybody's personality.

The photo above is a college photo--I told you I've been using this bag for so long and still it exists as vibrant as could be!
So let's get down to business and allow me to show you what the contents of my bag looks like... and how it would speak volumes about my personality. This is the bag now.

First thing I want to share with you is this beautiful pouch my friend Jenni gave me. I'm using it to store my iPhone, iPhone stuff and some "emergency" items like hair pins, coins and lip gloss! Yes, you sometimes need a lip gloss for emergencies!

Next pouch is this Cargo pouch from their Spring 2012 collection. It's so so cute and the contents of that pouch were Instagrammed a few days before. If you're interested, you may follow me on Instagram via @kumikomae or of course just check out the pic I embedded below.

Next to my makeup kit, I have with me two perfumes. Uhm, sorry. I really didn't know I had two today!

Because my bag is big, I organize by using separate pouches. For this pouch, I bring my random necessities like a mirror, an eco-shopping bag, hair pin case, elastics case, hand cream, dental floss, my keys, hand sanitizer, sanitary pads hehe and my trusted hair detangler comb. All that fits that hot pink pouch that I got for mi abuela. She however gave the pouch back to me because she took my Natio pouch haha.

I also always have this journal with me. This was given by my friend Joann. :) Tucked in it are some pictures from the Benetton Fragrance event and my passbook and a Krispy Kreme GC hehe.

I also have with me my wallets of course. I have two because I have so many membership cards--I don't know. I get a rush from membership shopping!

I also have with me an emptied bottle of Anna Sui Dreams fragrance because I'm meeting my friend to give this to her. Next, I have a long foldable fan from Beabi, nothing beats cooling off in style. Next to the fan is a blurry photo of my mirror--a very important mirror that I've had since highschool--that's ten years ago!

Last but not the least, I have this Benetton laptop case for... not my laptop, but some clothes to change into since as of writing, I'll be off to a sleepover! It has a bunch of clothes, toiletries and of course, press releases from previous events I've been to. :) Blogging is a part of me!

By the way, to make this authentically a TurnbackTuesday post, let me share with you what happened on that day (when waving photo above was taken). My friends and I did a music video--where I was the actress haha so basically the waving photo was a before photo! Here are some outtakes.
The girl wearing a pink shirt is my dear friend Seska, who was kneeling because she was shooting my dangling feet, was also the director for this particular project. It's for one of her film classes. She will be guest writing on this blog soon! :)
Ahh. College. I thought I knew it all.

All clothes are mine (haha--yes I don't know why I have clothes like that before when you won't even have me bothering wear anything proper these days). By the way, here's one photo that I can't really remember what to be about but every time I look at it I sing Regina Spektor's Samson... you are my sweetest downfall, I loved you first. I loved you first.

What do you think?

By the way, the shoot photos above were taken circa 2006. I graduated one semester later due to some units thing and I joined the graduation march last April/May? 2010. I got so dark throughout college! Compare and contrast! haha 

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Good luck!


  1. cute!! We have a giveaway going on right now where you could win a 100$ pair of glasses. Just thought you'd be interested! Come by soon ;) xx

  2. I got dark throughout college too. All the walking under the sun in UP. :D Did you enter UP in 2006? If so, we're batchmates!

    1. No, I was batch 2005. I only marched in 2010 because I completed all credits October 2009. :)

  3. I was sooo pale during college. Maybe I really lack sleep during that time. :P


  4. Oh hey there's the bag! I love your dress in the last picture!

  5. So organized! I throw everything in my bag just randomly. LOL I can never carry whole bottles of perfume though - too heavy!


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