TURNBACK TUESDAY#5 For the love of words

I was fortunate enough to have been at the star-studded book launch of Ricky Lee's tragic love story, Para Kay B (For B). To this day, it is among my favorite locally published novels as it had a certain heart-wrenching twisted hand of fate to it.

Para Kay B was a pleasure to have read. It gave multiple insights about love and loss and love and loss again. It had a well-played sarcasm to it, believing that in love, there's an inevitable quota. Out of five people who are in love, only one person will be happy. Yes, you got that right. Ricky Lee, one of the country's famed scriptwriters (hence the celebrity-packed book launch), devised a love theory that leaves only 1 out of 5 people who would try to break it into the love scene, come out with a happy ending.

Para Kay B is a manifestation of how our lives, our humanity, are interconnected--and how we are bound by the choices we make, and the risks involved in trying to find happiness through romance.

Like I said, I was at the book launch, so for this Tuesday, allow me to share with you some photos that marked that glorious night, beginning with Sir Ricky Lee signing my book. :) Read after the jump to see more photos.
I'm not usually one to take pictures with celebrities but what the heck right? It's not always that actors and actresses I respect are all in one room--for a book! I mean, that's just priceless.

With Lorna Tolentino

With Ely Buendia.

With the ever pretty Agot Isidro (like, idol!)

Uhm, sorry, just a random boy crush haha

Speaking of "celebrities", the photo below was not taken from the event but I figured I should share it with the rest because how often do you get to have your photo taken with Sir Rio Alma? He the country's National Artist for Literature. I got to sit with him at an awarding ceremony Sir Vim Nadera invited me to attend. I always get teary when I remember those days of art and words. I mean, the photo below was taken right after I cried, you know! I asked sir Rio some writing tips, you know, words of wisdom and stuff, and he was so gracious to share his insights on the craft with me. It was so random and I will never forget that memory where I shared a table with this great man, and oh dear, I can't believe we took a photo like this--literally, I took my phone out and said, sir, is it okay if we take a picture together? And because noone was really available to take our picture, I held out my arm and take a photo of us! SuperChummy!

Do you own a signed copy of a book? If not, what book would you like to have signed by the author?


  1. I do!A book signed by Miss Julie Yap Daza (Etiquette for Mistresses).Love the book,learned so much from it even though I'm the wife and not the Mistress. :)

  2. omg! i love this book! i also have a copy and i forgot how many times i read it but it's always different for me! =)


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