SKINCARE: Night-time Buddies

I've said it before and I'd say it again, skincare at night is the best--abuse it!

Taking care of your skin at night is the best time for you to practice some skincare because you just sleep with the products anyways! You don't have to worry about the ickyness or any other bothering skincare fears you would normally have in the day. For me, these three products have been making my evenings a bit more darling.

A recipe to have a goodnight sleep involves caring for the body, your cuticles (there are days when I really can't be bothered to us a hand cream because I expect my day to go dirty), and your lips.

1. The Face Shop Rich Hand Sweet Almond Oil Cuticle & Nail Bath - this nail bath feels warm on the cuticles that's why I prefer using it only at night. It does, however, do a great job in moisturizing cuticles and leaving them looking replenished and healthy overnight.
2. Human Heart Nature Baby Oil - I know this is meant for babies, but I really love how this oil has sunflower oil which we all know, is great for the skin. This Baby Oil also has a baby-friendly/baby-like scent that I really love. Whenever I use this, I use a Baby Bench Bambino cologne to match the baby-esque vibe.
3. EOS Lip Balm in Passionfruit - is a limited edition summer release last year, I believe? It's my go-to lip balm lately because I'm looking forward to flattening it up entirely! EOS lip balms initially start as spherical-lip balms (so cute) but of course as you use them, they lose that cuteness. As a lip balm, they may feel a bit waxy for some, but for me they are ultimately hydrating and oh-so-delicious.

How about you? What are your nighttime buddies?


  1. These sound so amazing. :) Now that I think about it, I never take care of my cuticles...but I really should. :( The days are getting colder and my skin is certainly showing the consequences...
    I don't think I have any must-haves to do besides my normal skincare routine. One thing I must positively do however is exfoliate my lips before bed and once I wake up. This keeps the lip flakes gone for good! :D

  2. I have an EOS lipbalm and i dunno why it just dried up my lips and made it chap and then when I stopped using it and switched to a cheaper lip balm, thank God, my problem was solved. Guess it's just not the product for me, eh? xD

  3. hi kumi! i have baby oil but im not entirely sure how to use it, or rather which part of the body to apply it on :/ advice?


    1. I use it as an all-over body oil so I would recommend it for that. You may also use on rashes (or to prevent them)


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