VAULT: The Gift of Radiance

When I was a little girl. I envied how Princess Aurora was gifted by her three fairy godmothers the gifts of "perfection". Perhaps it was a tell-all sign that I would grow up in the realms of aesthetics; nonetheless, beauty is something sought after in every part of this world. 

But did you know that there are those very rare occasions where beauty becomes part of something inexplicable--like a mythic glow from within. Here's where the iconic Guerlain Meteories comes to play. A precious mix of reflective powder pearls that match every skin type to recreate an astounding luster and subtle shimmer for the face down the neckline--the cult favorite Guerlain Meteorites is an ethereal promise of perfection, for every one, onces and for all.

Everything about this special edition of Guerlain Meteorites, aptly called Perles d Azure is your multi-colored wardrobe for an all-year round summer glow. Whether or not it is summer from where you are, you can carry the warmth of sun with this delightful array of illuminating colors that aim to correct, even and illuminate the skin.

For a deeper warmth, check out Terra Azurra by Guerlain from their limited edition Emilio Pucci collection.

Let me know if you've tried any of the iconic renditions of Guerlain Meteorites.

This post was an unpublished story from my vault. I may or may have published a different version of this story beforehand; but I was cleaning my drafts and saw and enjoyed the information I shared here so apologies for the re-feature; but I hope you also enjoyed the information I shared.

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  2. guerlain is also known for their super elegant packaging,"hong gondo!" idisplay sa vanity table

  3. I've never been able to decide if the Guerlain Meteorites were completely necessary or not. Just based on the few that I've swatched in-stores and the swatches I've seen online, it just seems like there is not noticeable difference between any of the variations. So I don't really see how the different colors can really help with redness or correct skin tone at all. That being said, the only one I've EVER been tempted to get is the newest Perles du Dragon. The container and the color of the balls are SO pretty!!!

    1. I am in love with Meteorites bec of the container too! as for your concern, yes i guess you shouldnt compare how it corrects skintone to foundation or concealer or primer. What i notice is, it removes the tiresome look or the dull aesthetic of my face especially when i'm stressed out. i love how it brightens the face effortlessly, and how it eats up light is just wonderful. it's not overwhelmingly shiny. :)


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