REGRET: Asian Secrets Whitening Soap

I got this Asian Secrets soap few weeks back. I got it for two reasons: I have a crush on Solenn Heusaff haha and because I thought the packaging was cute.

I was also thrilled that it came in a sealed packaging once you open the box. I really prefer my products to be sealed upon purchase. I get a hint disappointed when I buy something and later on find out that the packaging for said product isn't given much thought or concern by the Company who makes it.

I also really liked the shape of the soap. It was cute and it made me recall the soap sculptures I used to do for art class when I was younger. What disappointed me the most about the soap is its very strong smell--and I mean strong. You know how something can be too fragrant it hurts the nose? It was like that. It was overwhelmingly fragrant which deeply bothered me. Upon usage, it also doesn't foam up much which I normally expect from a soap bar. I don't usually use hard soaps as I use body scrubs and liquid washes for showering, so when I use soap, I expect some suds. Sadly, Asian Secrets didn't have one. I can't tell much about its whitening capacity as I didn't use this as much as I had planned. I honestly can compare the fragrance and the feel of this soap on the body to be similar to a detergent bar (or perhaps it's just the soap). I'm very disappointed and although this is just a bar of soap, I really regretted buying it. :(

Upon reading the ingredients, I'm not surprised at all that "Fragrance" is among the top five ingredients used to make this soap. Normally, you would see fragrance to be at the end of the ingredients list, but since it's among the first few things that make Asian Secrets soap, it's no wonder it is overly fragrant. What bothers me next is the joke that says, those that over compensates with fragrance are trying to hide something foul. :(

I'm still on the look out for a whitening soap because, I kinda want to whiten because I want to get a lighter hair color come 2013. I'm not sure if I just chose the wrong variant for me, because some people have shared great experiences with Asian Secrets soap. I actually have tried their scrub and I liked those... do let me know what you think!

Any whitening soap recommendations?


  1. I had no idea there was such a thing as a "whitening" soap. I don't know of any, but now I will watch out for them.

  2. Maybe the fragrance is trying to cover up the tallow... which is beef fat. Triclosan is a synthetic disinfectant which has been killing off "good" bacteria and the bad bacteria are becoming resistant to it. Triclosan is getting a bad rap here in the U.S. and in the UK. When it is washed down the drain it is bad for frogs and fish... other wildlife, it is known as an endocrine disruptor.

    I tend to naturally get whiter in the winters because I'm not in the sun.....

  3. I've tried Asian Secrets soap before - the green one with olive oil. It didn't really make a huge impression. It was just... ok, I guess? Haha But I do like their scrub too :)

  4. how about snoe whitening soaps?

  5. If you really want to lighten/whiten, kojic soaps and papaya soaps are the way to go. All other soaps that claim to whiten are probably bogus as the ingredients don't do much to the skin anyway (gluta soaps are a joke).

    And don't forget to scrub! If you find it rather drying, just lotion up after. :)

  6. Ok this is new to me. I've seen the whitening cream, but never a whitening soap. Have to look for this.
    have a stylish week darling
    The Dolls Factory

  7. This is new to me!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? xx

  8. Use Silka or Dermablend Papaya Soaps. :) I highly recommend Dermablend since my tita is friends with the owner, and she's a cosmetologist so she knows what she's doing. :P

  9. I used Likas Papaya Soap and it helped lighten about 2-3 shades. Whitening soaps don't give any miracles though. I think the cap must be 5 shades.

  10. I have tried Asian secrets before but this was the most impressive soap among them all. I really like it since because of it's scent. I notice my skin gets fairer too.


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