TOP 5: Lip Care Reasons

Like many, my first "makeup" item was for the lips. I started with Chapstick and that's for sound reason. I get dry and chapped lips ever too often--easily. I even have a crack/lip wrinkle caused by a wound I earned during one of those days my lips cracked like there's no tomorrow. I can still remember how I got that particular lip line... I was inside an FX (a public transportation here, like a van), I had very dry lips then due to the aircon in full blast towards my face, I smiled and then bam... I tasted blood. My lips cracked. It healed eventually, but the crack caused by my windburned lips stayed. It still is here, right smack in the middle of my every kiss.

With that painful lesson learned, I would like to share with you a lip care product that I have been loving the past few weeks. Since the climate's been gracious with cold breezes lately, I figured it's just right that I share with you my thoughts on Maybelline Baby Lips.

The Baby Lips lip balm range has yet (if not ever) reached our Philippine shores entirely. All I see are the non-tinted versions and what I have tried is a tinted tube straight from my lovely sneakerhead friend from the US; nonetheless, I still would like to share how this Oct 2011 release (happy birthday Baby Lips!) is still a wonderful product worth trying. I mean, really, if after a year you have yet tried these lip balms, you better go for a visit to your favorite drugstore and buy one... no, buy them all! There are two clear lip balms: Quenched and Peppermint; and four tinted lip balms: Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Grape Vine, Peach Kiss.

I will be talking about Grape Vine* (third from right), and share with you my top 5 reasons why you should care for your lips with Baby Lips. 

Have you tried any Baby Lips product? What's your verdict?

PS. What do you think of the Maybelline vector I did today? I am feeling so inspired lately! :) To know more, follow MaybellinePH on Twitter and Facebook.

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Good luck!


  1. Love the vectors, Kumiko! :) I've finished up one tube of Baby Lips (untinted) lip balm already - I really liked it!

    I'm not using my backup tube yet, because I'm trying to avoid using petroleum-based lip products for a while to see if it makes any difference :s But the Baby Lips balm was definitely better than chapstick.

  2. lovely blog:) follow you:D

  3. I hopped into the Baby Lips bandwagon recently and I like it a lot. I have the Anti-oxidant Berry variant. It's my go-to lip balm. I bring it with me everyday in my kikay kit. :)


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