MAKEUP: Looking for a Red Cheek wonder?

Here's a cheek blusher that will gain you a higher respect for pink-red cheek colors. This is from a drugstore makeup brand I found at Landmark Mall initially, then also saw at some Watsons/SM Department Stores.
Shawill is crazy affordable considering they have wonderfully pigmented makeup products. For this post, I'll share with you a blush compact that I got from them few months back while I was preparing my swap gift for The Sneakerette. It took me a while to post about this blush because I always end up delaying shooting the product and considering how its packaging plays an important role in establishing its value, I knew I can't settle with less than perfect photos.

As you can see, the packaging is very compact and travel friendly. The blush is cased in this basic plastic housing but the unique part of its packaging is how the puff and the mirror was placed. This flip type of packaging is popular amongst drugstore and even high-end brands. I really love my powders and blushes to be in this type of packaging because I find it more space saving and hygienic.

Since this blush has a free puff instead of the usual free mini-blush brush, I really noted how it was great that the puff is cased separate from the actual pan.

Well, everything about this blush is typical but I'm not very hurt about that because like I said, this blush is affordable and I know given the price, the product may have its list of limitations. The great thing though is the part where the limitations exist. The product didn't skimp on color, I tell you. What you see on the pan is the color pay-off you can expect.

Oh, don't forget to notice the pretty flower on the pan!

It isn't chalky too. Yes, I'm showing you a picture that displays a little product debris o the pan, but that's because I just scratched the little powder puff on it, for illustration purposes. Besides the debris you see, you won't experience any further dusting or product wastage for this blush. It's not astoundingly silky but the good thing is, it's very easy to work with. Less mess is always welcome to our worlds, right?

The way I use this blush is like so: I dab the powder puff to pick up some product and then pat it on my cheeks. I then blend it with my fingers for a more flawless and natural finish.

I know pink is a temperamental hue to choose from especially if honey-skinned so I really love how this hot pink shade has a richer red undertone to it so it doesn't just disappear on my skin. The color is so buildable and so far, what I noticed is, every time I use my fingers to blend the color, the way it spreads from the apples of my cheeks outwards is just so stunning. You won't have to worry about harsh sharp lines with this cheek color.

What's your favorite cheek color?

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Good luck!


  1. The pigmentation of this blush looks lovely! :O

  2. Hi Ms.K! I have Shawill blush din. Rose yata yung shade nung akin, it's more on peachy / orangey shade. I love the packaging din ng shawill, it's affordable pero it's nice di po ba? The applicator is separated from the product which is great. Plus it has mirror kahit na mejo maliit lang sya. It's very pigmented but the formula did not break me out kahit na cheap sya!
    Pretty Thrifty

    1. Hi Jenny, yeah they have very pigmented blushes, surprisingly good bec of the price! normally you'd expect less color payoff :D

  3. Loving the packaging! But this would be just too dark for me :)

    1. Yep it is quite a loud dark pink! i imagine it as a red blush even. only for the brave!

  4. parang nakakatakot yung pigmentation niya. hehe.

    1. i think like with any other highly pigmented product, you just have to be careful with application :D


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