NAILS: UltraViolet

Among the many polishes I received a few weeks ago, this by far is the most epic. Would you believe that what I'm wearing below is but one coat of Nabi Metallic Fuchsia* polish? Oh, let me not forget that I'm not wearing a top coat!

It is just sooo beautiful. I love how it's very smooth when applied and it dries really fast and have I mentioned I only need one fracking coat to get the vivid opaque color you see below? Yes, again, that's one coat only!

It has this very enticing metallic finish too, so that adds up to the unique points this polish gets from me! :) I don't own a lot of metallic polishes and although I have tried them before, I have not tried anything like this before. This one's so perfect, it is a world of its own.

I would recommend this to those who can't really wear colors that are too bright for the office, but would not want to be caught dead with dull painted nails. This polish so sophisticated and modern and fun and very engaging.

What do you think? Know any similar polish? Share with me through the comments please!

Come back tomorrow to see how this polish can get, better! (If it's already tomorrow, visit this link)

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