BEAUTY SWAP: a Swap reCap

I know I've already posted about the Physician's Formula items I got from a swap with my friend Jenni ( But like with many things, the gift of hindsight is always clearer and more detailed so as an update, for those who wish to know more about what it's like to try some products from Physician's formula, here's a recap of the makeup side of her gift items for me.

Before I begin with my brief per product recap, here's a full view of what Jenni got for me. She was very generous to even include the item I braved myself to wish for, that limited edition Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Green Envy. As a mascara, Green Envy is mostly a novelty item. It's not amazing in volumizing or lengthening the lashes which didn't hurt at all because I think it would terribly be funny to have lush green lashes! hehe

It had two skincare products that would take me a while to review. Like in all skincare that I post about, I usually give the product at least a week (if results are immediate) or a month (if results take time). Presently, I'm using the Physician's Formula Dark Spot Corrector and Skin Brightener which I recommended here.

To describe it briefly, I use it a spot treatment and then use what's left on my hand as if it were a serum. It layers on very thinly and is absorbed by the skin very well. My only problem with it is its overpowering scent, but beyond that, especially since it seems like it's working, I would have zero complains. Fortunately (for review purposes, but unfortunate for me), I have two scars on my chin. They're very ugly and I am hoping for the spot corrector's magic to be my much-needed absolution from my pricking tendencies.

Still unused is the eye serum that she also gave me. I presently have two eye creams open right now and I would hate to break in and have a third more so I'm controlling the urge and just making sure I use up what I'm currently using. But I tell you, after reading the product description for the Eye Cream she gave, I am beyond excited. I do have lines already especially on the sides of my eyes and my eye bags; and I know I will never be really be able to completely avoid aging, but the goal is to age gracefully so I protect myself from premature aging as much as I can. :)

So now the makeup part. I was most excited when I saw that she got me a Happy Booster blush. It is a rather much talked about blush in beauty tinseltown and I'm so happy to get my hands on one. I just am so sad that we don't have Physician's Formula locally because after seeing and loving the blush (you can see more about it on this feature and review) all I could think about was, wow, their makeup is great!

Also in the makeup department is the Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Powder in Soft Ivory that Jenni was so right on in choosing. I don't even get my powder shade right sometimes, but Jenni was right on in the shade she chose (either that or the powder just really blends with the skin to a buttery perfection). The only thing I didn't like about this powder is the brush that came with is--cause although it was unique and better than other "free tools" that come with most cosmetics, it still didn't meet my standards for tools. I am picky when it comes to tools. I either have to have something great or I'd just use my fingers! :p Yes, the brush (which can reasonably be 25% of the packaging, is the only part of this powder that I didn't like. Ahh. I just love the part where I'm classified as "ivory" for this powder. I'm normally a humble beige. :)

Last but definitely not the least is this PH matchmaker lip gloss. It reminds me a whole lot of Smashbox' O-glow intuitive cheek color. Ahh, science. How they make everything so fancy nowadays. :) Of course what amazed me the most about this lip gloss is its slow but definitely sure transition from very light natural tint to hot hot hawt pink. :) The packaging is of course very travel-friendly too. But I love it because of the color payoff, more than anything else. To see how it fared, view this swatch and review.

Have you tried any of these Physician's Formula products?

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Good luck!


  1. Check out this for colored mascara!,,20629102_20627449_21202898,00.html


    LOL! :D

  2. Succcesful swap if I may say so myself!! Im curious with all the products u received! :) Cant wait for the swatches and reviews!

    The Misty Mom

  3. The happy boosters always get stunning reviews...I've never tried it before however! :O
    Thanks for sharing~!

  4. I love swaps! Especially the ones from US and Asia :)
    You should try asian products since you like skincare.

    Have fun with the goodies!

  5. They're still in boxes? Haven't opened them since they got to you? whoah. that's a lot of patience. (unless of course, you took these photos way before making this post... )

  6. Awesome swap! You got so many promising products!


  7. I really enjoyed reading this, I love the way you write! "Humble beige" made me laugh. haha Thanks for the mini reviews. I'm following you now! xx


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