BOOKREVIEW#63 Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden

Living in a world that seems to be divided by those who wish for normalcy and those who wish for acceptance, I came to wonder, wouldn't it be easier if we open up people's minds when they're younger? Young adults perhaps?

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Last month, I visited my trusted Fully Booked The Fort branch and was on my way out, remembered to ask the customer service if they have the popular Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Young Adult novel, Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden. Obviously, I went home with a copy.

LGBT books are not as easy to find locally, usually if you're looking for an LGBT book, you would have to place a special request from your local bookstore--and hope that they can grant your request for a reasonable price. Fortunately, Fully Booked carries Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden. To my LGBT friends--even the curious, rejoice!

Contrary to other LGBT titles, Annie on My Mind was a light read--and happily, not the type that depicts LGBT characters as victims. Although it does have the usual tones of discrimination you should expect from an LGBT title, it didn't feel emotionally dragging and had a reasonable young adult storyline. Personally, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would partially because it didn't tackle lesbianism in full scale--rather it just focused on lesbianism as a romantic choice. Because I'm the type who has a ready mind, I was looking forward to read about a fictional LGBT story that deals how to handle coming out, loving and even functioning as a lesbian in a not-so-lesbian world. Annie on My Mind isn't that book--but in terms of dinner, Annie on My Mind is a perfect appetizer. Published in 1982 yet still very relevant to this day, Annie on My Mind is a gentle provocation to correct any misconceptions on lesbian love.

It was light. It had a certain ring that can make a reader salivate for more LGBT representations; and most importantly, it was just in depicting what it's like to realize that you're affectionate towards the same sex.

If you're the type who's unsure about your sexual orientation--or even if you're just simply the type who wants to liberate ones mind to an ell-encompassing definition of what it's like to love, and be loved, Annie on My Mind should have a place in your heart.

It's not entertaining, to me, but it was heartwarming. To read a story that dares to not just transcend time but sexual norms and boundaries--is a privilege that I hope more of us get to experience. So thankful that Fully Booked dares to experience with us.

Like I always say.... love is love is love is love. 

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  1. hm will have to check this out!


    1. Thanks Jessica! Hope you do find it and come back to let me know what you think :D


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