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I'm the type who gets excited over unheard of products. I love things that are quirky, unique and special in their own little ways. So imagine how giddy I was when I was given a bottle of Dish Washing Liquid! Uhm, yes, domestic mode here I come!

For those who don't know, I think I am allergic to wet chores. Even as a child, I absolutely dislike doing wet chores. You may ask me to turn the house upside down and sneak into the dusty little corners of a room (even if I'm allergic to dust) and I would do all that and more with so much heart you'd hire me; but, I hate wet chores. Number one in my hate list is cleaning the bathroom. I gag when I'm asked to. I know what they say about people and their bathrooms (something similar to people and their purses) but judge me all you want, I gag when cleaning the bathroom. Maybe it's the wet fallen hair that just.won'; or the idea of poking things that touched certain parts of a person; but the bottomline is I don't feel comfortable cleaning bathrooms. #idies

Next on my hate list is washing the dishes. For one, I'm always afraid to break something! When utensils make that high-pitching boi-ing sound, I get scared. I'm a very clumsy person and among many things, I wouldn't want to be the person who broke a certain piece of china--too much hassle and excess cleaning involved.

Besides that, I get itchy with most dish washing soaps. Be it a bar, a cream/wax or a liquid wash, I usually feel itchy soon after. Most chemical body cleansers alone have toxic chemical components--and if certain brands won't even bother use only safe ingredients for "personal care", how do you really expect them to bother make washing kitchen tools any safer?

Then came Droplets of Nature's naturally derived Dish Washing Liquid concentrate. Proudly a brand of eco and family oriented and safe products, Droplets of Nature is one of those uprising brands that dare challenge the chemical industry and exerts effort to serve products that puts consumer welfare among their priorities. Their dish washing liquid, which I'm happy to say did not sting or make my precious hands feel itchy or irritated after a few use, is made with potato and corn-derived surfactants that not only makes it safe for our beautiful hands to clean the dishes; but also, preserves the beauty of our kitchen ware. Remember that beautiful print on your beautiful plate? Remember how it faded into time? Well, you should know that you can avoid that! By using chemical cleansers, you overexpose kitchenware to harsh ingredients that also strips it off its aesthetic designs. Natural cleansers help prolong that beauty (of your hands and again, of your kitchenware!)

Since this dish washing liquid is also free from parabens, SLS and other harmful chemicals usually found in chemical dish washing liquids, it's easier to play #housewife and #princess at the same time. Droplets of Nature's dish washing liquid is also loaded with essential oils that nourishes the skin and makes it smell oh-so-good! Personally, I'm excited for the weekend where I'd be trying the same dish washing liquid to clean my makeup brushes! As you may have read in this post, I love preserving the beauty of my makeup tools too! Among many ways, I use dish washing liquid to remove stubborn makeup stains! Since the dish washing liquid is also a highly concentrated wash, I'm excited to try how economic it would be to use it for all sort of things--plates, brushes...

To know more, visit Droplets of Nature on Facebook. The dish washing liquid is only P156/500ml bottle (photo above), and P285/1L. You may also check out their website here.

Now that you know my "wet chores" problem, how about share with me what your household chore peeves are too!


  1. Very nice product! I've been looking for an SLS free dish soap too!

  2. nice =) im still emptying the lander liquid soap i got from lander c/o Ms Sarah T.

  3. Nice product review!

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  4. gag when cleaning the bathroom! haahhaaa.... wear gloves! That's what I do. Plus I try to collect all my fallen hair up into a pile while I'm showering and throw it away, right after my shower, so it doesn't collect near the drain. I don't know why but when it goes near the drain it becomes disgusting... Also, I clean the bathroom when it is dry, that helps.... I know American bathrooms are much dryer and more compartmentalized than Asian bathrooms... I think Asian bathrooms need serious makeovers! SERIOUS!

  5. Oh I thought you might like to know that in the state I live in it is against the law to build a bathroom that does not have an exhaust fan, that helps with icky wetness. So have a fan blow into your bathroom to dry it out before you have to clean it! Okay, I'll stop commenting now. :D

  6. ako naman, i love washing the dishes. haha yes, domesticated din ako :) i find it therapeutic...feeling the water, the bubbles...parang it's a time for me to think about things, LOL. weird i know!


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