MAKEUP: 'Fall' in love this season

Whenever I receive updates on Guerlain's new releases, I always fall off my seat. All their products are always glamorous and perfected. This Autumn/Fall, they gave rise to romance with their new collection. In fact, this season's collection exploits the beauty of carnal sensuality.

The Fall collection, kissed by sensual pinks, plums and reds, marks the season's cold evenings--the flickering party lights and the usual romance of an evening escape. Fall for Guerlain is exquisitely feminine and made for the woman whose shoes walk a path of roses. It's very interesting because the new collection truly made me give my summer pinks a rest. 

Just to share with you, here is one of the five new lip colors Guerlain has to offer. Barbs could've not picked a better color. She was amazing with her choice, thanks Barbs. :)

This Rouge lipstick's name is Gisela*. Such a pretty name, agreed? So I figured, I should try to look like a "Gisela", the best I could. To me, a Gisela is confident, artistic and warm personality. :) Gisela is a timeless brick orange that brought warmth and approachability to my aesthetic. It is a creamy luscious color that made my lips naturally pout with glee. Then...

on days I want to tame my Gisela down, I top it off with Guerlain's Fall KissKiss release, Sable Show*. They work absolutely divine together.

FYI, I'm also using my current go-to foundation right now, the Lingerie de Peau cream foundation. I've been really loving this foundation because the days have been cold and permitting--and it's really perfect to keep my skin looking flawless, supple and soft.

Obviously, I'm using it a lot! This could possibly be the first ever full-force foundation that I hit pan with!

Now I'm definitely lemming for this lovely Fall eyeshadow. I think it's Gorgeous, with a capital G. 

Even the new blushes are just so perfect. It's official, when it comes to bronzers, peaches and red lipsticks, Guerlain is a top contender. 

What do you think of Guerlain cosmetics?

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  1. Mmmmm they look absolutely luxurious!! I really should give them a swatch when I'm out shopping next time! Thanks for this eyecandy post! =D

    ♡ M.May

  2. waaa Guerlain when will I ever have the chance to own you...hehe

  3. Some necessary and important skin products for woman. Thanks for share with us.

  4. WOW! This post made me drool! LOL Their colors just look divine! Thank you for this post! By the way, I just followed your blog :) I hope you can visit mine and maybe get a follow back too :) Thank you and more power to you!

    Thanks for sharing this post!


  5. Gisela is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it on you!


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