MAKEUP: Coral Peach

I don't have a lot of blushes. I think it's my most neglected "makeup" item and I should really be considering investing more on blushes soon because lately, I have been recognizing le power of le blush on. I realized that a look is more put together with the perfect blush in place.

With that let me share with you a coral peach (bordering on orange) blush that beginners can very much appreciate. I emphasized that this blush is ideal for beginners because it's sweet, subtle and very easy to work with--but of course if you're a professional or veteran beauty enthusiast, why not choc nut?
Shimmer blushers are great because you get color and a bit of a highlight with just one product. This Make Up Shop Magique shimmer blusher* was given to me by my friend Krystal and I have not used it a lot but have been developing a lasting attraction to it. I really like its packaging because I love its sleek rounded corners so much. I adore how it's also in a seemingly glass packaging. Makes me think of Cinderella's glass slippers.

This powder shimmer blush has a very smooth satin finish that radiates a fresh summer-glow when applied on the cheeks. It's a very buildable color but I love wearing it lightly than brightly.

This blush reminds me a whole lot of my Human Nature Petal Bloom mineral blush on--only that this one has a very subtle sheen to it because of the glitter.

What do you think of the blush?

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  1. This looks very pretty! I tend to stay away from shimmering blushers cause they're not very flattering on my pores, but this is really tempting me! xx

  2. Great review!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc?

  3. just switched to another platform and already had my own domain. visit my newly-designed blog and hope you can still follow me.thank you!:)

    see you,
    jenponix :)

  4. looks really lovely! i love peachy and corally blushes!

  5. I really like it! :) It looks like Canmake's blushes :)

    The Misty Mom


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