My Weekend Beauty Bag

Wow, may I just point out that last weekend was amazing! It was a weekend of extremes. It involved a huge blow and a swept away moment--well played Universe, well played.

So this coming weekend, I figured I should be ready with a few things to make it a bit more interesting. With hopes of inspiring you weekend getaway bag, let me share with you how I'm planning to pack mine. The inspiration for this week is light and perfect.

1. Leyende Massage in a Bottle P350 - I am a sucker for body oils. For evenings that demands a little more sensuality, I love using massage oils after a shower. It relaxes me while also nourishes my skin. Massage after a tiresome weekend, why not?
2. Candi Colours Nail Polish Remover Wipes P65 -  this acetone-free nail polish remover is an expected kikay kit staple for me! I just don't like chipping nails so whenever the weather cracks things up, it's always nice to have a nail polish remover available at our disposal, right ladies?
3.  Bare Naturals Best Pout Forward P148 - nothing beats a tinted lip balm for a getaway beauty pick-me-upper. One of my trusted go-to lip butters come from Bare Naturals because they slide on my lips smoothly while delivering reasonable hints of cuteness.
4. Enchanted Perfume P399 - there's a certain extra oomph when you wear the perfect fragrance with a certain outfit. For a light and pure-carefree-perfect weekend, nothing beats an enchanting spritz so Le Posh Blvd.'s Enchanted fragrance seems like a perfect fit. (haha I forgot to put a number 4!)
5. Charm Dream Brow Duo Brush P300 - I am in love with this makeup tool. Ever since I received this from my dear MFEO (made for each other) friend Sophie, I couldn't stop raving about this tool with friends. Brows are my hugest frustration! I'm more frustrated with brows than hair and weight! Thank God this makes tending to them more bearable.

All products are available at When you do decide to shop from Zalora, don't forget to use my discount code so not only do you enjoy Zalora's FREE Shipping services, but also, you enjoy some discounts! ka-ching!

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  1. the nail polish remover wipes look interesting :)

  2. Great bag! All nice products in it:)

  3. Owww. Reminds me that I bought Leyende products. :) Haven't used it pa.

  4. i would love to try the leyende massage in a bottle! Craving for an evening soothing massage before bedtime

  5. 'Best Pout Forward' looks cute! Lovely blog! xx

  6. I have never heard of any of these brands before but the nail polish wipes are sure handy to have eh?


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