HAIR: Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner

My hair, believe it or not, is both my frustration and my trophy. It's my frustration because it's not as lovely as I would've hoped it to be. It's frizzy, brittle and dry--very temperamental I should say; however, it's also among my biggest beauty success because my hair truly had gone quite far compared to its original health years back when I wouldn't even care choose the right products for my hair type.

Although I'm no hair expert, I think having had crappy hair days since day one gives me a bit of a command on what's good and bad out there because when a product satisfies the crunches I need to make for my hair to be tamed, then I'm sure it can work for anyone. Consider me as the type who is eternally doomed to have bad hair days--when I do find a product that can give me good days, it's a priceless discovery.

To know more about items 1 and 2, read after the jump!

Today I will share with you a brand of shampoo that surprisingly may be a new name to most of you, but has been a brand available in the Philippines for quite a while, NĂ©olia®. 

I'm always a fan of brands who commit to a greater cause and as I share with you my experience of their two products, you'd know more about their advocacy and their philosophy as a company.

First and foremost, their products commit to safety and gentleness. I'm very particular with personal care products that are left in the shower because these are items that you share with your family. Unlike your makeup, which has a lesser likeliness to be shared from Mom to baby, personal care products like shampoos, conditioners, body washes, etc are commonly used items that should always be well thought off when selected from the stores. What I appreciate about Neolia's product range, is their efforts to keep their formulation safe for us consumers and of course, the environment.
The items I got to try from their range are these two lovely hair products. I'm thankful that Neolia was introduced to me and that it was shared with me to try because hair care is an adventure that requires a lot of patience and even courage. When I saw that the shampoo and conditioner that they provided moi was for the "normal" hair type, I was a bit afraid because my hair is generally categorized under the treated/damaged type--however, I was inspired by their Fortifying hair care range's formulations--that of which has olives and moringa as active ingredients!

1. Neolia's Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner are made with Organic EXTRA Virgin Italian Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, and Moringa. These three ingredients are rich in vitamins and minerals that fortifies the hair with renewed health and shine. For example, Olive Oil... we all know that olive oil is great for the skin, but did you know that olive oil extends its nourishing, softening, regenerating and protective prowess to the locks? 

After olives, this hair care range also has Aloe Vera extracts that I must say was a delight to find in their ingredients list because Aloe Vera is nature's top first-aid kit. If you experience itchiness in your scalp, using a hair product that has Aloe Vera should help!

Lastly, Moringa. Moringa aka malunggay is a leafy vegetable that has conquered the beauty industry by storm. You see it in anything that offers hydration whether it's a facial wash, toner, or serum. Now, I'm quite pleased to also see it in my shampoo and conditioner. Moringa is very potent and rich with vitamins A, B and C. They offer a protective layer of goodness for the hair so it can fight environmental pollution and the sun's rays. They also strengthen, restore and revitalize the hair so I'm sure we all want that!

2. A fortifying hair care product, by the word fortify, offers an improvement with your locks healthy by strengthening and protecting it from further damage. The discussion I shared with you above, about its active ingredients should help deepen your understanding of what the Neolia fortifying shampoo and conditioner can do to you. :)

Besides being a pretty cool hair care brand, I LOVE the fact that they encourage recycling! I bet you noticed that little something peeking through the bottle's sticker label... well... you can peel of that very sticker and have yourself a decorative bottle for maybe some of those DIY hair or body products that you concoct with nature's bounties! I'm actually thinking of creating a DIY shaving lotion and having this pretty and recycled bottled at my disposal just brought me a step closer to that DIY goal.

Based on my experience, since the hair care products I have to try are not a perfect match for my hair type, it started a bit challenging. Normally for dry and treated you need extra extra extra moisturization--and the fortifying shampoo was overwhelmingly strengthening my hair, making it a bit stiff at first, but after a few washes my hair adjusted and something I didn't expect happened! In just four days of using this duo regularly, my hairfall was dramatically reduced! That's when I realized that it does pay to strengthen the hair. That it's not always about softness of shine. If you wanna keep that hair on top of your head, you have to fortify it with the right ingredients by using the right products.

After more than two weeks of using this hair combo, I've been having lovelier days. And I just can't get over the fact that my hair fall lessened! You know how frustrating it is to comb the hair and have hair fall right so yes, I'm very happy to report that this Neolia adventure is a success and I can't wait to try what they have for my hair type! 

To know more about this brand, visit their website here. In the Philippines, Neolia is available at SnR, my favorite shopping place!

How about you? What shampoo and conditioner would you recommend for hair that needs a bit more strength and luster?


  1. This is the first I've heard of this brand and this sounds great, what a lovely review! I've been having problems with hair loss too so might pick this up. Thanks for the review! xx

    1. You should! I hope it works for you the way it did for me :D


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