TOOLS: Top 7 White-Haired Makeup Brushes

It's no secret that I love makeup brushes. As much as I would hate to admit it, I don't get to use all my brushes. I do my best to use them in rotation but as hard as I try to resist, there are a few tools that I just reach out to more often than the others. For this post, I would like to share with your my favorite white-haired brushes. Some people don't like using brushes with white hair because they are indeed harder to maintain, but, me, I really am more fond of my white-haired brushes because they look so pretty when they are clean! :)

Please let me begin by sharing with you my top three white haired FACE brushes. Oddly, they're all blush brushes! I'm no blush person, but I guess this goes to show that when I contour or apply some cheek color, I prefer using tools with white hair. Primarily, I prefer using tools with white hair because then I know that I don't end up mixing other pigments with new color options. ever experienced thinking your brush is clean only to realize upon application that there's some left-over color on it? That's the pain when your brush isn't white-haired. There's a risk that that would happen. As for me, I love using white-haired brushes because I am always sure that my brushes are clean upon use--also because I am more inspired to wash my brushes regularly when I see them dirty and stained for a long time! In fact, it is because of my white-haired brushes that I regularly wash my tools weekly.

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The above top three all share the perfect shape, density and application prowess any makeup junkie would want from a beauty tool. They're all precise and results to a soft blend of color unto the skin--just divine!

1. Bdellium Tools Maestro Professional Blush Brush 946 
2. Charm Pro Blush Brush
3. Charm Travel Pro V.2 Blush Brush (featured here)

Aside from FACE brushes, I also have a few EYE Makeup tools that I am in love with. I have four to share with you, actually. Below are my top TWO among those.

These four white-haired makeup brushes make eye makeup application more fun and perfected. It is very important for me not to use a dirty brush for the eyes because the eye area is more sensitive than the rest of the face--so the part where white-haired brushes receives more attention in the cleaning department is an advantage.

4. Charm Pro Flat Eye Shadow Brush
5. Coastal Scents Fluffy Blending Brush
6. Charm Pro Pointed Shadow Brush
7. Charm Travel Pro Fluffy Blending Brush* (featured here)

The Charm Pro Flat Shadow Brush is perfect to use if you want to pack on color on the lids, while the Coastal Scents Blending Brush is a great all-over lid color applicator. It's also great to softly blend crease color and those sorta things. The Charm Pro Pointed Shadow Brush however is a class of its own. You can use to precisely apply color on your crease, or you can use it to define your upper and lower lash line with a soft hint of eyeshadow. I also love using it to define my nose (not that I need more nose definition hehe). Besides all those, I also use that brush to dot on an accent color near my tear duct. :) Last but not the least, the Charm Travel Pro V.3 Blending Brush is obviously used to blend eyeshadow to a soft sexy haze--but you can also use it to softly define the nose (yes, me and this cosmetic nose job) to make it a little less rounded. :)

How about you, what's your favorite makeup brush?

Like this post if you like how I kept my white-haired brushes, white so I'll put up a brush-cleansing post.

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Good luck!


  1. i agree with you sis Ü i'm so inlove with brushes but i haven't use all of hubby is giving me an ultimatum because i'm starting to be an impulsive buyer (which i secretly admit i am ÜÜ)

    ÜÜ stay happy ÜÜ

    1. oh noes! tell hubby give love on christmas day!

  2. i love my bare naturals's vegan flat top brush to deeeeeath! :) it's been with me for 2 years and it never shed nor bled. still soft and dense :) haha i also love my elf brushes because those were my first brushes, and my bf got them for me (hehe i nagged him till he got fed up) :P


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