TURNBACK TUESDAY#7 Looking back and beyond

As December draws closer, I am panicking in archiving my Multiply photos. Although I'm in no effort to save all (gosh, I need to save some of my blogs there too), I still am overwhelmed by the quantity (not really quality haha) of memories I preserved through photos. Today, just to share, I would like to post about some random college memories I thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about.

Hope you enjoy walking through memory lane with me!

Below photo is from the happiest college memory that I have with my best friend. It was just one of those very random Januaries where we see each other after such a long Christmas vacation. We had some fruit shakes and was just lying on the grass, enjoying the cool winter wind blow us away.

 From my recent birthday, she made me a photo collage filled with our pictures through time and imagine my delight when I saw that she included a photo from (above) day. I really love this girl so much. she's the bestest friend in the world. Actually, she's my super friend. We've been through super many things. We've been there for a super long time. She means super a lot to me. She's one of the very few people outside my family who I know, I'm sure, I love.

Of course, I can't look back on college without remembering the best birthday I've ever had! :) Well... ex-best birthday. :)

Speaking of best, let me also share with you one very happy group picture of me with my friends, doing what I love doing, drinking coffee at Starbucks hehe I think, this photo is the most complete photo of our group!

Last photo that I would like to share with you is a photo of us showing what we do best--togetherness.

I think life is very surprising and when we give it a chance to remind us how every moment was a moment worth living in, it's easy to be swept away. I'm really happy right now and I am grateful that I have so many memories to look back on--and forget. I think the people we meet in our lives are essentially parts of us, and parts of us essentially goes with them when they leave too! Maybe it's a risk to always share a piece of your bread in exchange with another's--who cares? When you share yourself to someone, you make yourself an eternally ku beautiful mi child ko.


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Good luck!


  1. i have a million photos in multiply as well! i asked my boyfriend to start downloading them because I heard they are closing the site soon! in december na ba??


  2. how i miss college after reading your post! :)

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  3. Nice photos.... I have to clean out my pictures file too..... so not looking forward to it. I let it get out of hand!


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