NAILS: Sun Dial

Yesterday I did two nail looks, unintentionally. Because summer's here, I decided to whip out some Summer 2011 nail colors and re-use them. Of course they were already feeling thick and difficult, but what the heck, I dove in carelessly anyway. I used the Etude House Ms. Tangerine limited edition orange gradation set. It turned out looking liked this... oh yes, I topped it off with a Kleancolor Mix Signal which I figured would look absolutely lovely against the gradation because it is not as pink as it looks like in the bottle. It actually swipes on clear--but the large glitter specks are lovely and a bit golden green when light hits it! So lovely!

If you are to notice, it doesn't look smooth at all because it wasn't! I didn't like it so I removed it immediately. I was losing my sun so I had to hurry up if I wanted to get some nail photos done anyway! I used a nail solvent to dissolve my old lacquer and I must say it was wonderful and effective!

Like I said, I was losing sun so I had no luxury to do the gradation again. Instead, I just used the second lacquer as base...

Then once again pumped up the glitter effect using Kleancolor Mix Signal. I have to say I'm not so fond with the color because it isn't bursting with joy but I think I'll wear it for another day or two just because it's now sunny and lovely everyday.

Oh, did your sharp eye notice the little mistake I have on my pinky nail? LOL It's most obvious on the base color photos! Uh-huh, I topped the Kleancolor polish because I also wanted to hide the mistake! Did it work? I think so! What do you think?

PS. You have no idea how dizzy I got after being exposed to Kleancolor THAT long! I hate how Kleancolor stink so badly! But I love their glitters, for sure!

PPS. I think it's obvious... Etude House nail polishes are the best!

Let feelings take you to places and always take your feelings with you. Your emotions make you err. What makes you err makes you beautiful.

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  1. I actually really like the colors!

  2. Omg I love the gradient nails! They're so cute ^^ The bright tangerine color is super pretty too! I have a similar color - Zoya Tanzy - but the glitter is much more fine. I like the chunkier glitter pieces in yours though :)

    1. I'm trying to do better gradient nails at the moment. It was a stupid attempt to do one w old thick polish! Haha

  3. although i think this is cute, you should TOTALLy try that glitter over a dark base! i find that iridescent glitters look more outstanding over dark colors, like a dark blue or purple! (;

  4. I haven't tried doing the gradient look on my nails yet. I think you did a good job tho!


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