FEATURE: Clear Blue Skies with LA Colors Eye Candy

I know my friends know I'm not one to rap but oh my god this is the shite. PLEASE listen to it. I'm so welcoming summer with this vibe.

So anyway, with Clear Blue Skies in mind, let me share with you the eye make-up I did today.

It's nothing complicated, I just did it because I wanted to play with the blue LA Splash mascara The Sneakerette got me--completely baffled by how creamy blue it is--and because I wanted to have some fun with my LA Colors Eye Candy palette. Hm, lots of LA going on, had no idea!

I got it cause it had such fresh colors! What do you think?

Here's a little swatch I did on my arm so you get an idea how each shade delivers.

So anyway, first prime your eyes. When using pastel colors, I consider it irresponsible to not prime your lids. I used Nyx Milk eyeliner to prime my lids. Then I dove in and applied the yellow shade on the inner corner of my eye, the green on the outer corner. Don't forget to use the same green to color just outside your waterline. I also dotted a pink shadow on my tear duct.

Then I lined my eyes using a Violet Essence gel liner. It was super lovely to work with!

Swipe on blue mascara! I used LA Splash!

Repeat on the other eye. It should look like this.

I emphasized the pink on my tear duct, then tried to SMIZE a lot. Oh yeah, it pays to apply mascara on your bottom lashes too.

I love how the blue mascara covered my lashes entirely! A bit clumpy though!

Despite the clumpiness, I love how blue mascara works wonders as a bottom lash color. I think it emphasized the thin line of green shadow I applied earlier. What do you think?

Are you totally freaked looking at so many pairs of eyes in one big screen! LOL

Without further adoooo, here's a random video! I don't effin' know how to change the still! I thought I'd upload my random vlogs on my YT channel (yes I have one! LOL) but I was afraid to share this emotional rambling!

Stuff I used.
From L-R: Etude House Ms. Tangerine Brightening Cotton Primer, San San Cream Concealer, Etude House Moistfull BB Cream, Human Heart Nature Mineral Powder in Island Shell, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, LA Colors Eye Candy palette, Essence Gel liner, Etude House Perfect Brow Kit, LA Splash blue mascara, Maybelline Bouncy Blush, Kiko Cosmetics lipstick
I really wanted to road test the Real Techniques brushes too that's why I decided to do some play earlier today! Check my verdict below! My detailed review will hopefully follow! Do you want one even? I mean, won't you buy these brushes at face value?? haha

Hope you are SMIZING with me. Have a great day!

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  1. Nicely done, Mae! And your lashes are screaming for attention! :)

  2. Where can I buy the Real Teahniques brushes from? I love Sam and Nick and I've been wanting Sam's brush for so long :D

    1. ill check if the reseller i know carries it still. :D

  3. I have been contemplating getting the Real Techniques brushes so thanks for the review.


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