NAILS: The Little Solar Burst

Bobbie is a staple nail polish in every Filipina's mind--or at least it should be. It is affordable, accessible (available almost everywhere), and it has a growing collection of colors and finishes. This one I'm sharing right now is among the glittered Bobbie nail colors. The name is Solar Burst.

I applied two coats of the polish against my naked nailbed. I debated using a base color for a while but I went for a naked nailbed because I wanted to see how the polish would look like on its own. Suffice it to say, I had no regrets. It looks so pretty! I love how at first glance the nail polish would look like a sheer glitter party (photo 1 below) but when light hits it, the "subtle" golden shimmer really just bursts into something so fabulous (photo 2 below).

The blue, red and green flecks add a candylicious touch to it. I keep on thinking peppermint candies when I look at my nails!

All in all, I really love how the polish delivered shimmer and fun with just two coats. For a glitter polish, it was also very easy to work with! The gold glitter was generous but not overdone; while the flakes are fished out easily.

So what do you think of my summer-luvvin nails?

Sharing with you my new planner! It was given to me by my sister because I really love The Little Prince. Because the name of the polish I featured relates to the sun (and we all should know about The Little Prince's sunsets), I figured it's apt to share this now!

I took photos of the pages so if you would like to print them for your own use too! Happy week!

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  1. so cute the planner, kumi! oh, and i've seen that bobbi nail polish, i own some pero not this shade. ang cute pala... mabili nga :)

  2. Very pretty nails!!! And I love the calendar too!

    1. Thank you Jenni Lee! :D im glad you liked them both!

  3. what a pretty glitter! it reminds me of my chinese new year nails. i can't wait to see your other combos with it :D

    1. oh yeah! maybe i should try it over red polish :D

  4. I absolutely love this mani, gorgeous multicoloured glitter :) And that planner is too cute!

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate the comment. :D

  5. I was eyeing this, Kumi! I just didn't buy because I was wondering if this variant had harmful chemicals. :)

  6. What fun nails, and such an adorable planner!! So cute. I love The Little Prince.

  7. The polish is so pretty! I love polishes with the chunky glitter pieces in them :)

    The planner is really cute too!

  8. Love the nail! It's cute and attracting! :)

  9. Really sorry dear:

    ThePinkMargarita has left a new comment on your post "NAILS: The Little Solar Burst":

    i love the lil prince planner! :) so cute. and the nails too! in love with everything that glitters!

    The Pink Margarita

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    Posted by ThePinkMargarita to -Chase Beautiful Things- at March 13, 2012 9:13 AM

  10. I love the Solar Burst Nails, so fun! And I love the Little Prince too xoxo


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