NAILS: My Favorite Polish

I would like to share with you my favorite nail polish. The irony; however, is I can't share with you what shade it is. It's from Etude House Lucid Darling range but I seriously don't know what shade it is. Unfortunately, EH codes their polish with numbers and letters, and since this polish has been with me for quite a long while, I can no longer read the sticker.

I really love this glitter polish because unlike other glitter polishes, this goes glam with just one swipe. I'm wearing two coats though as I always try hard to fish those sparkling stars.

I'm sharing this because I am woman! Happy women's month! In our country, violet/purple is the color of our women's movement.

As I've mentioned, this is an old polish, and since I usually do my nails with the fan on (so my polishes dry from the bottle quite fast), the consistency is now outrageously thick. I'm happy that it still works out perfectly fine, the photos justify right? Anyway, do you use solvent on glitter polishes too?

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  1. So pretty!!! Glitter polishes are my fav!

  2. Happy Woman's month, WOMAN!

    If my polishes get old or too think I use a nail polish thinner. It has ethyl and butyl acetate in it, same ingrediants that regular nail polish has.

    Very pretty purple, with hex glitters! I love hex glitters!

  3. amazing color! the starts are too cute ^___^
    happy woman's month to you!

  4. looks really nice!! :)) but namamahalan aq sa nail polish ng etude house! hehe.. pero ang cute nila!:))


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