FEATURE: Is your lotion Healthy?

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If you're anything like me, then you should be the type who would totally buy a product because of its name and because of its packaging. Today, let me share with you Human Heart Nature's newest body lotion. It's named aptly as Berry Bliss. Coined as a "Healthy Lotion", this 100% natural body lotion is recommended for everyday use. I even adore it's usage directions (enlarge the back photo below to read yourself): Relax and sing a happy tune and gently massage all over the body after bathing to replenish lost moisture of as often as required.

Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Healthy Lotion in Berry Bliss is absolutely free from harmful chemicals. It has no mineral oil, parabens, silicones, phtalates or other toxic chemicals. Living in the age of environmental pollution, I think the best thing we can do to our body (and our environment) is to support products that promote a "green lifestyle". If more people are able to see the big picture, that environmental destruction will not cease if the chemical industry is supported by governments and end-users; the the better for everyone (not just humans, even animals, plants, non-living things! hihi). 

By the way, this lotion, like a lot of Human Nature's products are certified by PETA as cruelty free. :)

"Isn't it interesting how some of us give a lot of TLC to our face but totally forget about caring for our body, which is seven times larger? It's time we give our body the attention it needs! Our all-natural Healthy Lotion has the perfect combination of Passion Fruit, Sunflower and Avocado Oils to nourish your skin with those much needed vitamins and antioxidants. Best of all, we've formulated it without any parabens, mineral oil or other unhealthy, harmful ingredients that most lotions have! Plus, it smells so Berry Blissfully delightful that you might find yourself reaching for our Healthy Lotion over again!"

I think having cheered on UP Fighting Maroons for almost my entire College life, to get the maroon off my skin would be a futile attempt. I am emotionally attracted to the lotion's color scheme more than I love the product, as well, a lotion. Nonetheless, I am not one to say no to any added dose of happiness. Berry bliss is rich in anti-oxidants that keeps the skin cared for and nourished. The scent of this lotion is also a reason for re-application (many times in a day)!

If my memory serves me well, I started using Human Heart Nature late 2010 and ever since I started using Human Heart Nature products, I must say my life changed. Frankly, I stuck to my Human Nature diet more than any other diet ever changed my life, haha! It's like the brand's philosophies, advocacies and principles got etched to my very being... to the point that I can't get it out of my system, nor would I want to! They have absolutely amazing products and when you start learning about what the products stand for, greatness just overflows. 

Fast forward to today, the brand is still the brand that I fell in love with. The long list of customers who continue supporting it and believing in the change that Human Heart Nature wants to embody as a company is a testament of how it's definitely more fun in the Philippines! :) For capturing the greatness of the Philippines as a country of beautiful people, minds and resources, Human Heart Nature is #1forFUN. :)

Because it's the sunny season once more, I think it's just timely that I met this new body loving product. You should get acquainted too. Because I know Human Heart Nature is not available internationally, email me if you want to try their truly made with love products -- or if you're from southern luzon (yes, haha) please like HNCavite. :) If you're from the US, don't fret because Human Heart Nature is available there too! :p

On a Copper Blonde note, here's a HAIR UPDATE!
I had my hair colored again. As much as I do recognize that summer is not the best season to have your hair colored, I did just that! You should know by now how much I love coloring my hair... but this time, I gave my rusty DIY skills a break and had my hair dyed at the salon.

Here's some BEFORE photos. Notice the special participation of my roots! Seriously, I have never had showing roots that long before! I normally color my hair every two-three months; but lately I got so out of sorts. I couldn't even tend to my locks! :(

But I hope you could also notice how shiny my hair is! I know I don't have perfect hair especially because I style (color) it crazy, but my hair's so lively and shiny and bouncy because I have been using SLS-free shampoo for more than 2 yrs!!! Oh man, don't get me starting a hair-talk. I never finish a hair-talk without a rave over Human Heart Nature hair care! I LOVE their hair range. Seriously, I used to be all over those Japanese Pantene stuff--thinking--of course the Japanese has a better version! BUT after switching to Human Heart Nature's hair care products, my hair was just given a second chance at life! :)

Because of Human Heart Nature, I get to do what I want to my hair (ie. color it like a maniac haha), and grow it long and lush (without worrying about hairfall--cause yes, their products remedied my hair fall problem!). Now that I just had my hair colored, I'm sure to pamper up with tubs and tubs of their hair masks! :D

Enough of the rave, here are some AFTER photos. Sorry my hair's straight in the photos! I blame the salon! They always straighten my hair after a hair anything. IDKY. Is there an unwritten rule saying, no one steps out of a salon with curly hair??? I wish they just let my hair air-dry. I was to lazy to speak for myself so I just let them. I never really like myself with straight hair, anymore. I prefer my hair loose and wavy--like my brains! :p

I don't like thinking straight! 

So to those who shared their thoughts on my POLL, thank you! I just want you to know that all your words were comforting. This was the best solution I could come up with. I realized, I'm truly a redhead (I can't imagine not being one) so I decided to choose a blonde with the most red undertone. I figured, my Asian hair would make the undertone more vibrant; hence my red-orange-copper-but really a blonde-hair color. Aah, a no make-up face shot!

To those who would be wondering, my hair color is Copper Blonde. :)

PS. I have the ugliest brows! HELP PLS!

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Like this post if you've tried at least one Human Heart Nature product


  1. Sige na nga, I should really drop by Human Nature! Their concept store is super near my house but I've never been! hahaha I'm obsessed with lotions so I care for my body more than my face because i can go without moisturizer sa face but i go crazy without lotion! hahaah

    I love your new hair color! It's sorta red na parang that lead singer in paramore! Im tempted to color my hair pero I want to keep it's natural color din e so ewan! hahaha

    1. You should. they have super amazing products :D

  2. Love the new hair color! :)

    And I swear by HN's Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner as well. I've been dandruff-free for the past 3 years since I switched to organic. I have my hair colored at least thrice a year, and I can always rely on HN to bring back the softness and shine to my hair after being subjected to chemical treatment. :)

    1. Thank you! I am totally supporting your first hand experience. i color my hair crazy and HN hair products help me breathe back life to my strands :D

  3. I haven't seen Human Nature lotion here. It is hard to find good lotion that meets all the right criteria. So far, I like Ahava. I need to dye my hair too. I was thinking about blogging about that. But I have a bunch of grey hairs. I use Revlon's colorsilk dye. Love it, and that's cruelty free, too. Have you tried Anastasia products for brows? I have mine threaded, an Indian method.

    1. You should try Human Nature products since you support cruelty free items. They are an amazing brand! you should try their hand and foot salve since you care for your nails well. :D You can visit their US website by logging in to www.humanheartnature.com :D Just choose USA


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