FEATURE: A Bright Idea-- Natural looking falsies

I received falsies from KKCenterHK, an Asian webstore where you can find pretty much the drool-worthy affordable Asian beauty products. Judging by the variety of designs they offer, I think it's safe to say that they master false eyelashes. Continue reading as I would be sharing a 15% off coupon code in this post!

I will be sharing with you my different reasons why I enjoyed playing with their falsies. Please note that the photos are digitally enhanced (just contrast, levels, brightness) cause I miss playing with photoshop and I don't think there's any harm in enhancing photos color wise as the lashes are to be judged by their length and volume anyway. Don't worry, I will be sharing a raw photo come end of this post. :)

The lashes came in a plastic case. It was a soft plastic case so I would recommend transferring to a sturdier case after repeated use. As you can see the products are coded and I really suck at coded products. I understand that they have a lot, but I guess because they have such great falsies, the only downside I can really say about their falsies is the part where the falsies are coded. :)

Despite that, I can proudly say that their falsies are angels to work with. They have decent length, they are soft but not to the point that it doesn't have body. They bend easily and are shaped easily too. Best of all, they don't poke the eyes!!! :D

Yes, you can repeatedly use the falsies. I'm wearing one of their natural lashes.

What does it mean for a falsie to be natural? No, it doesn't mean it uses natural fibers per se. It just means that the effect is just an enhanced natural flutter. :) There are so many crazy lash designs out there and "natural" falsies are the wearable types!

Don't fret because they are still very magical. Check out the length of the falsies I'm wearing.

By the way, the eyeshadow I'm wearing is from Wet n Wild and it's called Bright Idea. It was given to me by Eileen! She remembered that the palette carries my favorite colors so I was so touched and pleasantly surprised! :D Falsies-wise, when applying falsies, please remember to stick on the falsies as close (like as super duper close) to your natural lash line so it would look like as if you're wearing your natural lashes alone.

Perhaps by now you're curious already where to get the product? Well, you might want to visit KKCenterHK here.They have Easter promos! Not to mention carry an array of Asian brands!

Back to lashes, let me share with you more eye shots. :) Notice how in the photos the eye glue I used haven't dried out completely yet? Don't worry. Typically, eyelash glues dry clear :)

Which brings me to want to share with you how I place eyelash glue on my falsies. I swipe then dot glue on the band! The glue dots really help the eyelash stay on and because the glue on the band is not to thick, it gets tacky sooner which also means I get to apply my falsie sooner! You see, when wearing falsies, you follow these steps: 1) shape the falsie, try it on and cut if it's too long; 2) Apply glue on the lash band and wait for it to be tacky (half dry); then 3) you stick on your lashline and adjust properly.

Following the logic operating when layering polish, you have to use a thin layer of product if you want to to "dry" soon. By simply swiping a thin layer of glue and relying on glue dots, I get to finish my eyelash application sooner!

There you have it! :) Hope you liked what I shared today! As promised, here's a raw photo.

Thank you KKCenterHK! Have you tried their products? :) They ship worldwide! Here's the 15% off coupon code!

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  1. I love it!! you look so gorgeous!! the falsies are so natural looking..love it..^_^~

  2. Lovely sets of lashes! I just tried using lashes myself and I say that I'm starting to like it :)

  3. Ang ganda ng false lashes! I want that too! :)

  4. They are a bit too long and spiky for me, but they look good on your. Your eyes look really big here

  5. That last pic, your self portrait is such a gorgeous shot!!!


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