FEATURE: Summer Hair Care

I can't live without these two. Technically, the L'oreal Anti-Frizz serum is considered as a dupe of the Kerastase Oleo Relax serum. Considering how their packaging and even serum consistency are pretty much the same, I do not disagree.

I have less than perfect hair so serums such as these two make my life easier. Especially when the climate's hot, you shouldn't step out with thick gels or mousse or spray. Summer's the season to breakfree from these stiffening-perfectionist styling products! Just have your hair down and enjoy the wind blow through your locks. It's a priceless feeling!

For hair, I always believe that less is more. I love my naturally curly hair even--tangles and all. Serums such as L'oreals's Smooth Intensive and Kerastase's Oleo Relax make my daily hair woes manageable--if not entirely resolved.

If you're the accessorizing type, use the season's floral motif and wear a flower brooch on your hair. This hairclip-slash-brooch I got from E.G.G. is elegant, feminine and is a statement piece. :)

I love how multi-functional it is!

 If you're looking for an amazing anti-frizz hair care product, try any or both these two. You won't regret it! Happy summer! Do try your luck with my Summer giveaway!

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  1. God knows I need some anti-frizz in my life.


  2. I use the loreal serum too! It's one of the best hair pdts i have tried :-D

  3. i used to buy L'oreal Anti-Frizz serum... i almost forgot how i loved it! hahaha need to repurchase soon :)


  4. I love Loreal anti frizz! its uber NOT sticky

    Followed you through GFC
    Pls follow mine, too!



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