NAILS: Loving Friendships

I attended Nuffnang's 5th Birthday celebration at Borough The Podium Mall with my friend Dindin. I "met" her back when she was still in Milan but she's been here in the Philippines for almost a year already!

Would you believe it's our second time to meet! I know, I have to work on my attendance in her life! Anyway, she doesn't like having her picture taken. hehe

In fairness, I'm happy to find out that my camera's auto-focus feature is on point!

We had such a great time at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf EDSA Shangri-la branch. She doesn't drink Starbucks because she considers the coffee below standard--seree nemen--so I insisted we go to CBTL instead. It's tea anyway!

We had a nice chat over tea. I kept on telling her I felt like blushing because I really really like the ambiance of the branch (it was quiet and spacious) and on top of it all, the music playing was my kind of music. I have no idea who the artists were but oh dear, I know that the songs that played that night were my kind of songs!

I should probably go back to CBTL and ask what songs they played? Of course we took pictures together--duh, as if I'd go home without some! Some were blurry because I kept on giggling considering the fact that she really doesn't want her photos taken!

In the spirit of celebrating my friend's participation in my life, I painted my nails using the Kiko Cosmetics polish she gave me a year back surprised me with a year back! It's in shade 238. Ahh again, with coded products! (excuse the over glossiness of some fingers. Lol I applied cuticle thingy)

I topped it off with my Wet n Wild Hannah Pinktana polish! So perfect because they have very similar shades! :) They're great together! I'm so pleased these two polishes were gifts from friends!!!

So pretty.

I love my friends! And yes, I really love pink cosmetics! For my eyes, I'm using Beauty and Minerals mineral eye shadow in babe pink!  The darker pink is from my Dollface Cosmetics Avante Garde palette. Blush is Nyx Rouge Creme Blush. Lipstick is Maybelline Angel Rose topped with Human Heart Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Pink Hibiscus!

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  1. Fun event. Ah, so nice your friend finally let you take pictures. Yes, you look beautiful in pink.

  2. Wow I'm glad you enjoyed yourself with your friend:) indeed your nails and makeup are so pretty!

  3. So pretty in pink! I love pink! :D

  4. love your nails! and haha cute pictures

  5. Sooooo loving your nail posts! I like the outcome of your nail polish layering! <3

  6. i just have to say.. you're very pretty! <3
    ..oh! and i love that purple wet and wild polish too! hehe!

  7. i just have to say.. you're very pretty! <3
    ..and oh! i love that purple wet and wild polish too!

  8. ooh looks like you found the perfect underwear polish for hannah pinktana! love your makeup btw! everything looks really natural, and your eyes have a really nice kick!

    1. Yes! When u mentioned I should find a similar shade to layer pinktana with, I knew what to use alreAdy :) thank u


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