REVIEW: "Snoe" Beauty Angel Green Palette

Because I'm feeling kinda sad, here's a little something that I can relate to right now...

So back to regular programming... Remember when I did this outrageous haul?

Included in the bunch was this Beauty Angel eyeshadow "book" in green. I basically got it for the very reason that it looked like a book!

If you open it, it should look like this. It very much looked like E.L.F. Beauty Book, only smaller in size and with a more detailed step-by-step application discussion/page.

There were but two reasons why I bought it: 
1) I wanted to support Snoe because personally, that people that comprises a brand/team makes or break a product for me. I mean, with the huge selection out there, to catch my attention, you bank on establishing rapport (like I believe many of you would agree on). Friendship weighs heavily on me, as well as trust--and when I get friendship and trust, I give it back twicefold and more;
2) I liked the blush colors. The blushes caught my eye because they looked that powdery bright! I liked how unique it felt to me.

There were five reasons why I didn't want to buy it though: 
1) the product wasn't sealed. I mean, I was so surprised the product was IN NO WAY SEALED. So I'm like, totally risked everything in purchasing the palette;
2) I didn't like the colors--and that means a lot coming from someone who loves the color green;
3) I hated the applicator and I find that the mirror was useless. I just don't see using both and I hate when a product is packaged with such nonsense. To me, why include something that would be pointless? Why not just offer more product?
4) There was no clear expiry stamp on the product which leaves me with how much chemicals are in this palette???
5) The palette felt "China" to me. Not to be racist or anything, it just felt not credible considering that again, it wasn't sealed, it had no stamp of product quality or anything and it wasn't perfect.

BUT I bought it anyway because to emphasize, friendship + trust = loyalty and my gawd loyalty weighs heavily on me.

Now to share with you some swatches! Only of the eye shadows though as I later on realized that the pretty powdery bright blushes that owned me were, not as outstanding.

All the shadows has a metallic but frosted finish to it which I didn't like because I hate that finish for the eyes. I mean, I'm "cool" with it but to have an entire palette with that effect would result to an overdone freeze-fest on the lids. The colors were pigmented though so if you're into that kind of trend, then maybe you'd like it. The colors weren't long-lasting though. You would need a primer to hold everything together for a day.

If I remember it well, the palette is roughly P350. BUT here's the most disappointing catch. You can get the palette at any Hortaleza (the ones that don't have aircon LOL) You know, the ones where you have your clippers sharpened--the salon supply store, that Hortaleza, for just freaking P100! Complete bummer right? I'm like WHOA!

So anyway, I hated the fact that I took all that risk in vain. Don't get me wrong, I love Snoe soaps and stuff but I guess lesson learned here. Maybe they were just carrying the product as an addition to their line while waiting for their own cosmetic creations... IDK! What I can recommend though is if you want to try these cute little beauty books, buy them from the Hortaleza stores instead. hehe

Damn, I feel ripped off! I hate when this shite happens!

On the other hand. Here are super amazing Snoe products you should try! They are surely the brand's own and I love these to bits!

You might also want to try their Hair Heroes line. I didn't like this couple as much as I liked the Cleansing Conditioner which I reviewed here though.

Of course, pretty-like-pinched colors! Read about Glam Jam here too.

For more Snoe features, simply click on the "Snoe" tag below this post!

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  1. thanks for sharing the eyeshadow looks really sparkly!

    1. thanks im glad you liked it! :D i'll email you :D

  2. Oh my! You know what? A fellow blogger just reviewed a similar palette and I'm sure it's from the same Chinese company as yours. Same concept, same look. The "quality" looks the same too though I can't really say that since I haven't tried it but I think you know what I mean. She did get that one from China for way cheaper. As soon as she said that, I immediately said "nooo" in my mind. Makeup from a dubious Chinese brand just makes the alarm bells sound in my mind. :-s

    I want to try the Hair Heroes with Argan Oil though so I'm still buying that soon :D

    - Mich of Mich Eats and Shops

  3. nice review and yaa if you hate the color there's no point in buying it cuz you won't use it more than twice!!

  4. Hello hair heroes and the wonders it does to our hair :P

  5. the palette has some unique colors, but it's totally on a shimmer overload! sorry to hear about the quality issues :<

    1. yeah im not so sold on it. i do like that it's book-like! :D like the ELF beautybook u gave! :D

  6. Been seeing the palette in multiply shops (sold for P75 here:


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