LIFE: I feel so sad...

Sometimes, my precautionary methods are just stunning.

Damn. I wish I could see these two people. I wanna cry!!! :( I'm the girl in striped brown. So happy my coin slot wasn't showing.

Love is like making juice. You make juice, offer it to a ballroom. Some people come back for more. Some people don't like it. Some people throw it when your back's turned. Some people finish a glass empty. Some people don't, they leave it on the table.

Love is like drawing water from a never-ending well. The more often you give it, the harder it gets to give more. The more you lose, the deeper you'd have to draw the next time.

I miss my friends. :(

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  1. Awww... I feel for you.
    I haven't seem my best friend for quite awhile, too. And I miss him to bits.

    Hope you get to spend time with your friends soon. :)

  2. Miss my friends too.... The big bear is so cute and we have same bag???!!!

    1. haha nt my bag but my best friend's. i dont think id have bags like that. dont have the swagger haha

  3. Aww. poor thing. Hope you feel happier soon. I really miss my best friend too. And my family!

    1. i miss my happy days w my beloved friends and family. :(

  4. Aww hope you feel better soon! I love that song from Damien Rice.

    1. thanks nic nic! i love damien rice to pieces! his music is mind blowing. :D


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